50th Anniversary Souvenir Album

The 50th Anniversary Banquet of the Shatter Progressive Benevolent Association (SPBA) was held on January 10, 1959 in New York City and this Souvenir Album was published for the event. A scanned copy was supplied by Seta researchers Marylin and Mel Sperling. Click on the thumbnail photos below for a larger version. Marylin Sperling is the daughter of the late Harvey Kurlan, who was the chairman of the Arrangement Committee for the SPBA Golden Anniversary celebration and previously served as the society's financial secretary. Marylin's grandfather, Max Kurlanchik, was an organizer and founder of the SPBA and her grand uncle, Morris Kurlanshik was an ex-president of the society.

Shatter 50th Award to Harvey Kurlan
Award presentation to Harvey Kurlan at 50th Anniversary Banquet for his
role as Arrangement Committee Chairman. Also identified are the society's president,
Meyer Lipton; ex-president, Morris Pessin; and Ann Crane Kurlan (wife of Harvey).
This picture is not part of the 50th Anniversary Souvenir Album which follows directly below.








































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