Safov, Czech Republic
Alternate names: Schaffa 4852' N 1544' E


Safov The village of Safov is located at 48.52 degree north and 15.44 degree east, a short distance to the south of the town of Znojmo on the border with Austria

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Footnote: When I visited Safov in 1992, few traces of the former Jewish community remained to be seen. Only a handful of houses remained standing, as well as one building that I was told had once been the synagogue. Though there was no protective perimeter to prevent entry, the cemetery had not been vandalized and appeared comparatively well cared for. I was told that a group of Dutch students* come periodically to maintain it. I could not discover the connection that these students may have to Safov.
John Schaffa

*Note: a subsequent visitor to Safov has written that the cemetery work was performed not by Dutch students, rather by a group of Austrians from Langau (directly across the unguarded border from Safov). Additionally, he wrote that the Langau priest, Andreas, maintains a house in Safov for use as a school and that the priest has twice cleared the cemetery. Father Andreas has been involved in writing a book (in German) about the town, supplemented with research from the Wiesenthal Center in Vienna.

On the road into town.