Documentation of purchase by Ari Lieb Pines' purchase of the Ruzhany castle from Duke Sapieha in 1829
Donated by Lisa Newman
Translated by a friend

Short description of confiscated real estate belonging to Prince Eustachy Sapieha.
In the town of Rużany: Belonging to the owner ________________________________________
2nd     marked-off plot by the road exiting Rużany on the way to Michalin Station (formerly known as ”Palaces of Prince Sapieha”) with two attached outbuildings and a triumphal gate.
The buildings occupy the area of 24 morgs1 and 128 square pręts1
. (*)

(*)     Prince Sapieha handed over these buildings to the manufacturer Pines on December 21, 1829,  for which circumstance the buyer is in a possession of a record prepared on the sheet in Polish language at the cost of 50--.

                                  Kostramannikow, notary of the 7th category

                                                                      Date:  Маy 2nd  


1These were units once used in Poland and in Polish lands incorporated to Russia.
1 morga = 0.56 hectares hence 24 morgs = 13.44 hectares.
1 square pręt = 0.02 hectares hence 128 square pręts = 0.26 hectares.
Total = 13.7 hectares, which equals over 33.85 acres.


Prepared in 2009 by Rose Feldman