The Zshuk-Zukovski Family

Moshe Shalom Ziedls Zukovskis came as a child to Eretz Israel from Kossovo at the beginning of the 20th century.

Courtesy of their daughter Shoshana Stern, nee Zukovsky

Zshuk Moshe Shalom Zeidls (about 1900 -1968). He immigrated from Kossovo, at the age of 3 with his mother Bobe (Babzea) Zshuk. Tzippe Hene Zukovski, nee Volanksy (1898-1978)  was born in Jerusalem, her parents were from Kossovo. The picture was taken at the wedding of their daughter Shoshana Stern, nee Zukovsky. Moshe and Tzippe died in Jerusalem.

Prepared by RAF 25 Jan 2007

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