The Vegotsky & Solomon Families
The following pictures of the family are from the records of Dora Vegotsky Pitkowsky,
mother of Sarah Platt, aunt of Edith Vegotsky Taylor, Co-coordinator of the Ruzhany Yizkor Project.

This is Edith Vegotsky Taylor's father's family: Grandparents Moshe  Cherna Vegotsky, and unidentified great-aunt, Uncle Philip Vegotsky, who emigrated to the US after World War I, and aunts Leah and Chaya Vegotsky, who married, had children and perished in Treblinks.


Leah (above) and Chaya (below),
sisters of Dora Pitkowsky and Abraham Vegotsky


Edie's Aunt Leya with a guitar. She and her family lived in nearby Volkovysk. She was married to Moshe or Maise (last name maybe was Weinstein). They had two boys.

Yirshele, son of Leya, age 10 months in 1939.

Chaim, son of Leya, age 3 1/2 years.

A postcard from Michael Pitkowsky's second trip to America. Michael was married to Dora Vegotsky, aunt of Edith Taylor.
Edith Taylor's maternal grandfather Herschel Solomon (died before World War II),
her maternal grandmother, Hinde Mirel,
the taller daughter, Aunt Bella, married and emigrated to Argentina.
The younger daughter, Aunt Minne, married and remained in Ruzhany.
On the left Minne & Avremal (Abraham, possibly) Aberstein and on the right their 3 children 
Itzrah (L) Henye (C) and Michel (R). Minne was the sister of Edith's mother, Ida Solomon Vegotsky.  
The parents' photo was taken in 1928; the children in 1936. All perished in Treblinka
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