Ruzhany - Pictures of the town from the time of World War I

The following pictures of Ruzhany are from the records of Dora Vegotsky Pitkowsky, mother of Sarah Platt,
aunt of Edith Vegotsky Taylor, Co-coordinator of the Ruzhany Yizkor Project.

View from afar

Michael Pitkowsky, uncle of Edith Taylor, made a visit back to Ruzhany in 1913. He took an extra $100 with him in order to hire a
photographer to take the photos below. They were found in the archives of his late wife, Dora Vegotsky Pitkowsky. 
His granddaughter, Jane Platt, sorted them out and sent them to Edith to forward to Jewishgen.

A Market Day

The Horse Market of a market day

The market place, Rozana; Courthouse and the village church with steeple. The building on the far right is a second synagogue, not the main one.

The celebration of Polish National Holiday, May 3rd

Milner Street near the Marketplace; note pigs on the street
behind man at right
Schloss Street, corner building is owned by "Yankel," apparently someone Edith'a aunt knew, next to it is the slaughter house, and next to that is a house owned by Velvel Shereshevsky.
The bridge on Milner's  Street and the river; lumber was
transported on this river
Half of Milner Street from Sarah-Ana's building (which became
a police building). The third building, Chvoinik's, became the
 Rozana Bank, including the second story. The street ends at
Bliznoyer Street.
Section of Schloss Street with bridge. There is a fire brigade
building and opposite the houses is a big canal toward Isaac
the butcher's son's house.
Kilbaner Street, Ruzhany
Ruzhany Theatre Hospital, Ruzhany



Talmud Torah (Hebrew School) in Rozana The Postal Building, also used for community offices.
 It has a clock on the tower.
A burned factory destroyed during World War I

Ruins of a blanket factory destroyed in 1915 bt German shrapnel

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