Documents of Jenta Iliwicka & others
Our thanks to Shmuel Rabinovich for sendng us copies of these documents

The passport of my mother Yehudith Rabinovivh (Jenta Iliwicka) of Kossovo Belarus from 1932 when Kossovo was under Poland rule.
The Passport of Jenta Iliwicka
Receipt from Doctor Gorfinkiel from Kossovo Belarus from 1927
A letter from Kossovo Belaruse in 1924 to Palestine,
written on paper of the Magen David Adom of Kossow-Poleski
Note from the Central Office of Eretz-Israel in Warsaw May 1927
notifying Ms. Mina Iliwicka that she can not get a visa because the time limit on her certificate has expired. She was later murdered by the Nazis in Kossovo 1942.
Prepared May 2004 RAF