The Rubins/Podorovsky Family
Most of the pictures were taken in Ruzhany.
Courtesy of Melodie Hebscher

The man on the left of the middle row, is Melodie's grandfather's brother, Ephraim Rubins. The elderly woman in the back row on the right is Melodie's grandfather's mother, Tsiril Rubins.

If you recognize anyone else, please let us know. Melodie Hebscher

Razel Podorovsky, Melodie's great grandmother

Alter Rubins, Melodie's grandfather
Alter Rubins came over to Halifax on the S.S. Cleveland from Bordeaux in 1928, then took a train to Montreal where he settled, and worked for a year in order to bring over his wife and daughter.

Victoria (Vichna Podorovsky) Rubins, Melodie's grandmother
This picture was taken in Montreal, Canada.

Victoria Rubins and Masha Rubins came to Halifax on the S.S. Estonia from Danzig in 1929, then took the train to Montreal where they settled.

Meir Podorovsky, son of Sham Podorovsky, was a tanner in Ruzhany, married to Razel Podorovsky. From the late 1890s on, they had several children, including Vichna (Victoria, who married Alter Rubins), Malka (Molly) and Mindy, David and Rivkah who died in the Holocaust.  Molly, arrived in Halifax on the Pulaski, Baltic American, on July 21, 1930, at age 21
and settled in Montreal.

Meir was very attached to his granddaughter, Masha, who was 5 years old when she left for Canada with her mother, to settle with her father, Alter Rubins who had gone to Montreal the previous year. Meir took Masha everywhere in Ruzhany with him, to the synagogue, etc. She recalls holding his hand wherever they went.

The little girl is Melodie's mother, Masha Rubins (Marcia Hebscher) with her mother, Victoria Rubins

Masha Rubins' birth certificate from Ruzhany

Born October 15, 1923

Malka (Molly)

Alter and Victoria settled with their daughter, Marcia, in Montreal and had another daughter, Gloria. Marcia eventually married Sam Hebscher and they settled in Hamilton and had two daughters. Gloria married Ben Rostoker and had a son and a daughter. Victoria's sister Malka (Molly) came to Montreal in 1929, and married Jack Sheinman. They had one daughter.

Alter had three sisters who came to the U.S.A. One sister, Miriam, came through Ellis Island to New York on the S.S. Rotterdam in 1917 at the age of 22 as "Maria Rubins". She married Louis Gottleib in 1918 and had three daughters, Evelyn, Yetta and Marsha. Evelyn married George Levine, and had two sons. Yetta married Hy Lubow and had a daughter and a son. Marsha married Sidney Richer, and had two daughters. Malka Rubins Alter's second sister, had three sons, Simon, Moishe and Jack Light. Hinda or Hilda Rubins, Alter's third sister had three daughters, Sylvia, Muriel and Tina.

Many descendants of Meir, Razel and Tsiril are named after them.

The three women are from left to right: Malka Rubins, the centre one is a friend, and the one on the right is Miriam Rubins.

This is a passport photo of Malka Rubins, who married Ephraim Light, and her sons Jack and Simon (the baby), taken in Bialistock, on their way to America. 

A photo is of Ephraim and Malka Light, with their son Simon Light and his wife Esty (Esther), taken many years later in the United States.

Moishe Rubins, Alter's father.

Tziril Rubins, Alter's mother


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