Shtetl Donor Lists from Rozinoy listed in
March 29, 1871, January 24, 1872 & April 10, 1872
  In 1856, the first Hebrew weekly newspaper, HaMagid [The Declarer], began publication in Lyck, East Prussia (today, the city of Ełk, Poland, 60 miles NW of Białystok).  In 1890, it was published in Berlin, and from 1892 until its demise in 1903, was published in Krakףw and Vienna.  During its last decade, it would be called HaMagid L’Yisrael [The Declarer to Israel].

During its years of publication, HaMagid made numerous appeals to its subscribers for nedavot (donations) to help those in need.  Sometimes the appeals were to help support Jewish settlement in Eretz Yisrael (Israel); other times for famine relief in Persia or to aid a shtetl devastated by fire.  On other occasions, the donations were to fund the publication of Jewish books or help provide for individuals in distress.

In response to these appeals, HaMagid’s subscribers, who resided primarily in cities and shtetls in Eastern and Western Europe, took up collections.  Often, one or two subscribers would solicit others in the community, though, sometimes, in large cities, formal committees would be constituted to do the collecting.  The collected money, as well as individual contributions, was then sent on to HaMagid for disbursement.  In subsequent issues, a few columns (sometimes, several pages) would be devoted to listing the names of the contributors.

The Jewish National and University Library's "Historic Hebrew Newspapers" website has scanned in all 19,000+ pages of HaMagid for 1856-1903, and allows the user to pick the year, month and day of a HaMagid issue, and then to scroll through the images of the pages of that issue.

  March 29, 1871
Donations for our brothers in Strassburg
Collected by the Gvir (rich man) Reb Y.M. Pines, may he live, in the town Rozinai. At the occasion of the wedding of his brother the Gaon Abraham Abba.
Donator Amount
Rabbi Reb Mordechai Gimpel YOFFE Av Beit Hadin (the chief Rabbi) 1
the inlaws of the newly married couple 10
Reb Mordechai Isser PINES 7
the bridegroom 5
Reb Michael PINES 4
Reb Yerucham Fisel PINES 2
Reb Noah PINES son of Y.M. PINES 2
people wishing to remain anonymous  14
  January 24, 1872
24 Tevet 5632. When the hearts of Israel are gripped in fear from the horrendous famine that our brothers in Persia are suffering every day; so may our hearts from all corners of Europe expanded in feelings for compassion for those lost and the nation of Israel will see them as one nation and take pity on them. May those that are written below, send their contributions as stated. Please accept it for our brothers in Persia and may their blessing be on the heads of the donators from our city and on HaMagid that shows the the sentiments of its people and who unites those that are scattered through the magic of its lips. (free translation)
Donator Amount
Reb Yitzhak David PINES 10
Reb Noah PINES 10
the brothers, Mr. Arieh Lieb & Mordecahi Issar PINES 10
Reb Leib son of N. PINES 3
Reb Leib son of M.A. PINES 5
Reb Michel PINES 2
people wishing to remain anonymous  4
Reb. Ari son of Y.D. PINES 2
Reb Fisel PINES 3
Reb Yaacov Hillel ETTINGER 2
Reb Shmuel PINES 2
Reb Dover PINES 2
Reb Noah PINES 2
Reb Aharon PINES 2
Mrs. Zvia PINES 1
  April 10, 1872
Rozinoy, hearing their voice woke me up Bihar (?) son of G.M. the Maskil' the Gvir Rabbi Yerucham Fishel Pines' to collect donations from the people of our town for our brethren who are in need in Persia' and until now I have collect 130 Rubel, in addition to the 60 Rubel which were collected by the Rabbi the Gvir Aryeh Leib son of Meir Joseph Pines, as written in the addition to Hamaggid number 4' and we send now 100 Rubel to your honour, which are 91.81 Rubel according to the attached list and 5.19 Rubel an account of the future. To print this letter as a souvenir for us the collectors, and the list for the name of the donators.
We Greet you, Meir Menachem Mendel son of Rabbi , the real Gaon, Shlomo Minz, chief Rabbi of Slonim. (free translation by Dr. Shimon Stern)
Donator Amount
R. Jakob Mordechai Pines 10
R. Shmuel Sokolovski & son 3
Israel Horwein 3
Joseph Isser Munk 2
Hayim David Shuv 2
Mordechai Tikotzinsky 1.5
Joseph Pines 1.35
R. Arieh Leib son of Y.S.Pines 1.25
Abraham Bulkovstein 1.35
Abraham Shimon Sharshevsky & co. 
  Owner of the Karasky (?) Karapky(?) 2
Rabbi R. Mordechai Gimpel from here 1
R. Yomtov Epstein 1
Jakob Sackheim 1
Joseph Leib Berman 1
Jacob Asher Feinman 1
David Polack 1
Lipa Berman 1
Shimon, son of Israel Nachman 1
Joseph Starivalsky 1
Akiva Gerber 1
Arieh Leib Kretzmer 1
R. Avigdor Aharon Ginzburg 1
the Chatan (unmarried) Meir son of
   A.L. Pines 1
R. Dov Berman 0.75
Leib son of Itzchak 0.75
Leizer Narber (Garber?) 0.75
Akiva Leib Schatz 0.75
Itzchak Levinbook 0.75
Moshe Fuchsman 0.65
Zussel Shachor 0.6
Joseph Frenkel 0.6
R. Jacob Isser 0.5
his son-in-law Eliezer 0.5
Moshe Baharav 0.5
Seitil (??) R"M (=teacher at Yeshiva)
    Shabtai Wallach 0.5
Yehuda Shuv 0.5
his son Abraham Itzchak 0.5
David Mirkin 0.5
Zvi Hersh from Bialistock 0.5
Shimon Segal 0.5
Itzchak Moshe Shaffer 0.5
Abraham Yoel 0.5
Yehuda Melamed 0.5
Abraham Leib Melamed 0.5
Moshe Bash 0.5
Abraham Tardak 0.5
Abraham Freides 0.5
Yerucham Moshe 0.5
the widow Reizel Rodsansky 0.5
the widow of Shlomo 0.5
Mrs. Chaya Alperin 0.5
Todrus Rofe 0.5
his son-in-law David 0.5
Israel Joseph Levinbook 0.5
Shlomo Mendelovitz 0.5
Zvi Seger 0.5
Mr. David Spinmeister 0.5
Matznia Lebes (????) 0.5
and Masha Mendel daughter of Shlomo
              Mintz 0.5
R. Israel Bielachus 0.4
Heshe Katz 0.4
Mordechai Hayim 0.4
Asher Hayim 0.4
Yerahmiel Kovitzak 0.35
Itzchak son of Leizer Chayat 0.35
Israel Tuvia Eisenstadt 0.35
Moshe Leib Shaiptzer 0.3
Hayim Mirkin 0.3
Isser Alperstein 0.3
Moshe Zalman Melamed 0.3
Yekutiel Breitvasky 0.3
Noah Shlarinsky 0.3
Natan from Prozine 0.3
Itzchak Shamshinovitz 0.3
Dov, son of Joseph Epstein 0.3
Sussman Epstein 0.3
Benjamin Hayim 0.3
Moshe Eisik 0.3
Mehatznia Lechet 0.3
son-in law of Moshe Baharav 0.3
Zvi Kirzner 0.3
Itzchak Hersh 0.25
David Gadol 0.25
Aharon Joseph from Rap 0.25
Shmuel Michel P.Y. (???) 0.25
Sahaul Kolwermer 0.25
Leib, son of David Berzer 0.25
Abraham Itzchak Bobin 0.25
Moshe Yehoshua 0.25
Benjamin Lassashin (?) 0.25
Jona Melamed 0.25
Jakob from Shufin 0.25
Leib Asher Maratznik (or from Aratznik) 0.25
Jacob Leib Lichtzier 0.25
R. Benjamin Chara"l Fuchsman 0.2
Abba Schaffer 0.2
Mordechai Itzchak Posnak 0.2
Tzemach HurvitzJacob son of L. Segal 0.2
Zeev son of Y. Segal 0.2
Abraham Sendler 0.2
R. Dov Kesmin 0.15
Moshe --- 0.15
Shmuel son of Akiva 0.15
Leib Kadish 0.15
Shmuel Fuchsman 0.15
Zalman Mashinist 0.15
Leib Spaler 0.15
Jacob Ratzen 0.15
the wife of Abraham from Lasshine 0.15
the A (widow?) Meriashe 0.15
Mr. Hades 0.15
Zeev, son of Y. Pachov (?) 0.1
Hayim Leib 0.1
Mr. Israel Joseph 0.1
Yshayahu from Zeltsin 0.1
Mordechai son of Todros 0.1
Yehoshua Chassid 0.1
Moshe Michel 0.1
Kadesh Zerach 0.1
Mosh Leib Staler 0.1
the A (widow?) Bluma 0.1
Gadalia from Woranzik 0.09
Shmuel ratzen 0.09
Meshil (?) 0.07
Itzchak Moshe Shaffer 0.06
Jacob Blecher 0.05
the widow of R. Y Eidler 0.03


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