Pictures of the Volansky Family from Kossovo
These pictures belonged to Moshe Volansky.
Our thanks to Nadav Molchadsky for sending us these pictures.

Rabbi Menachem Mendel Sharshevsky
born 1846 Slonim, Belarus
died 1929 Jerusalem, Eretz Israel
Rabbi Sharshevsky served as a Rabbi in Kossovo
for forty years.
Gershon (Gedalya) Volansky
born 1872 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1948 Jerusalem, Israel
Shmuel Ben-Gershon (Volansky)
born 1900 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1969 Jerusalem, Israel
This picture was probably taken around WWI.
Shmuel Ben-Gershon (Volansky)
This picture was taken during World War I.
Israel Shlomo Zalman Volansky
born 1902 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1929 Hebron, Eretz Israel
Zalman was the secretary (mazkir)
of the Yeshiva in Hebron. He was murdered
by the Arabs in the riots in 1929.

Zalman Volansky  with his wife
Shifra (Epstien).

Israel Shlomo Zalman Volansky
A short biography published in the book in memory of those murdered by the Arabs in the riots of 1929.
The book was published in Hebrew.


Miryam Volansky (Molchadsky)
born 1907 Kossovo, Belarus
died 2001Kfar Saba, Israel
Aron (Zelig) Volansky
born 1904 Kossovo, Belarus
died 1922 Port-Said, Egypt
Aron drowned on his way from Kossovo
to Palestine.
Herzel's Grave
On the way from Kossovo to Palestine (1922), the group stayed in Wien and visited
Dr. Theodor Herzel's grave.
Herzel Volansky sits first to the right.
Miryam Volansky (Molchadsky) sits third, on the
second row. Do you recognize anyone else?
The third class (מחלקה) of the Hebrew School in Kossovo (1921).
Herzel Volansky stands in the second row from the top, second student from the right.
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