Pictures from the Volansky Family in Kossovo
These pictures belonged to Michael Volansky, who passed away in February 2005.
Our thanks to Nadav Molchadsky for sending us these pictures.

The picture of Aharon Kulik was sent to
Michael Volanksy as a postcard in the early 1920s.
The picture of five boys was sent to Michael
Volandsky and his brother Herzel by Aharon Moshe Spitalnik. Probably sent in the mid 1920s.
Sitting on the left: Aron Moshe Shpitolnik. Sitting on the right: Aron Kulik. Standing (right to left): Shlomo Slonimsky, Peretz, Jacob Rabinovich.
The backside of the postcard of the above picture of Aharon Kulik.
Yearly picture of the children in elementary school - 1921.
Standing to the left, the teacher Shmuel Ben-Gershon (Volansky).
Standing in the top row, second to the right, his brother, the student Michael Volansky.
A picture of the second grade students in Tarpaah - 1921.
On the left side, arms crossed, the teacher Shmuel Ben-Gershon.
A picture of the thirds grade in the elementary school - 1921.
Moshe Volansky standing in the top row, sixth from the left.

Prepared March 20045RAF