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How to Change Your Windows Display Resolution

  1. Click Start (lower left corner of screen)
  2. If you don't see a Control Panel icon, Click Settings (or whatever shows an icon with a gear)
  3. Move the cursor to Control Panel, and click on it if necessary. You will see a list of items.
  4. Move to the list and click on Display. The Display Properties window will show.
  5. Click on the tab Settings, near the top of this window. The Settings window will show.
  6. In the lower right of this window, you will see a Screen Area box, with a pointed slider in it. Next to the slider is the current resolution setting, for example "640 by 480 pixels" or "800 by 600 pixels".
  7. Move the slider to the right. The resolution setting will change as you move it. For a first try, move it all the way to the right (highest resolution). If you later decide this is too high, repeat the whole process and move it left a step or two.
  8. Click Apply. (If you haven't changed a setting, Apply will be grayed out, so click OK to finish the process) Read the note, and if it's OK by you, click OK.
  9. When the screen reappears with the new resolution, there will be a note superimposed on the Display Properties window. Read it and click OK.
  10. At the bottom of the Display Properties window, click OK to finish the process.

You are now set up with a high-resolution display. It will stay that way even after you turn the computer off and on again. To return to your original diaplay resolution (perhaps 640 by 480 or 800 by 600), go through the whole process again, but instead of moving the pointed slider all the way right, move it until it shows the desired resolution.


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