Vengeren-Wingrin Family

Solly, Chaim and Chana Vengerin

These are the children of David Beines Vengerin (son of Hersch) and Rochel Sher. According to family information the children were Yael; Saul, born 1888; Max (Moishe), born 1892; Alec (Elyash), born 1894; Hymie (Chaim), born 1898 (1896 according to the records);  Solly, born 1900; Annie (Chana), born 1902.  The siblings who emigrated to the U.S. and South Africa changed their surnames to Wingrin, Wingerin, Wingreen, and Green. 

According to the 1908 Rokiskis Family List the children of  David Beines Vingaren and Rochel Sher are Evel Girsha, age 30; 
Abram Motel, age 24; Shevel Mendel, age 20; Iokhiel, age 18; Leah Dobra, age 28; and Nekhama Ginda, age 27.  We have not yet been able to reconcile these differences or figure out why the younger children are not listed.  Are there two couples with the exact same names, David  Beines Vengerin and Rochel Sher?







   Hymie (Chaim) Wingreen in Rokiskis, before leaving for South Africa



Berish Weinberg, nephew of Hymie Wingreen, 1929

(Front of Postcard - see reverse below)

"A memento for my uncles Alec, Chaim and Solly.  From your nephew Berish Weinberg", February 24, 1929
(reverse of postcard, picture of Berish on front)

(Photos courtesy of Harold Wingrin, son of Hymie, grandson of David Beines Vengerin)

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