Beder-Kopelevich-Segal Families

The earliest Kopelevich that we know of is Lipman, c.1783-c.1850.  His son David, 1819-1889, married Leah, born in 1825, and they had twelve children.  We can only trace six of the twelve from extant records.  Zalman, a son of David, born around 1855, married Chaya Sora Gor in 1880, and had one son Eliash (a rabbi and PhD, who died of tuberculosis in Vienna).  Chaya died in 1885 and Zalman remarried to Frume Ester Kats.  Frume and Zalman had seven children, including Yosel Maishe (1887 -?), David (1891-1959), Chaim (1892-c.1980), Mendel Ber (1896-?), Israel Bentsel (1899-?),  Zundel (1905-1924), and Leybe(1906-1969).

David Kopelevich (1891-1959), who served in the Russian Army during World War I,  married Ela Beder (1899-1991) in Rokiskis and moved to South Africa in 1927, where the family name was changed to Cope.  Ela and David had Frume Esther, born and died in Rokiskis, c 1920-c.1922; Sydney, born in Rokiskis in 1922;  Zelman, born and died in Rokiskis, 1924-1927; Isaac, born in Rokiskis in 1926; Solly, born in Johannesburg, who has provided all this information as well as photographs' and Eva Leah, born in Johannesburg.

David's brothers, Yossel Maishe Kopelevich and Leybe Kopelevich also moved to South Africa.  Leybe, 1906-1969, moved to South Africa in 1926, where he worked in the diamond mines before opening a furniture factory.  He was married to Sarah Katz and they had four children, Stanley, Ethne, Ivan and Leone.

Yossel Beder, born in 1854 in Onuskus, the son of David and Sora Beder, died in Rokiskis of old age on January 27, 1939.  He was married to Dvora Brayne Valdman (born 1867), daughter of Aron, on August 4, 1887 in Rokiskis.  We know of two daughters, Ela and Chaya Ruchel. 

Chaya Rochel Beder married Berel Segal and remained in Rokiskis.   They had six children that we know of - Feige, born 1917; Orel, born 1920, died November 4, 1922 of scarlatina; Simcha, 1922- 1975; Nussan, born 1924; Abraham Isaac, born 1926;  Chana Leah, born 1928; and Meyer, born 1933.  The entire Segal family with the exception of son Simcha were killed in the Holocaust in Rokiskis. 
Click here for the story of Simcha Segal.

Feige Segal was married in 1935 to Ruven Berzon, born in 1910 to Rafael and Zelda Berzon in Svedasai.  They had two little girls, Rosa, born 1936 and Sosa, born 1937.  They were all killed in the Holocaust in Rokiskis.

The photos and most of the information have been contributed by Solly Cope, son of David, and records owned by the Rokiskis SIG have allowed us to expand some of the data.

Rokiskis, 1929 - 1 - Ela Beder Cope; 2 - Sydney Cope (son of Ela and David); 3 - Dvora Brayne Valtman Beder (married to Yossel); 4- Eddy Cope (son of Ela & David); 5- Abraham Isaac Segal (son of Berel and Chaya Rochel); 6 - Nusan Segal (son of Berel and Chaya Rochel); 7 - Berel Segal (married to Chaya Rochel); 8 - Simcha Segal (son of Berel and Chaya Rochel);  9 - Feige Segal (daughter of Berel and Chaya Rochel); 10 - Yossel Beder (married to Dvora); 11 - Chana Leah Segal (daughter of Berel and Chaya Rochel); 12 - Chaya Rochel Beder Segal (married to Berel)

L to r: Yossel Beder, Faige Segal, Sydney Kopelevich (Cope), Dvora Brayne Valdman Beder, Simcha Segal in Rokiskis, c. 1925 L to R standing:  Berel Segal,  Chaya Rochel Beder Segal, David Beder, Abe Beder,  Ela Beder Cope, David Cope
L to r seated:  Chava Leah Valdman, Slioma Valdman (1851-1927, brother of Dvora),  Yossel Beder,  Dvora Brayne Valdman Beder.  Contributor Solly Cope is not certain of the identity of the two children but they might be Feige Segal and his sister Frume Esther.  Rokiskis, c. 1921

Abe Beder and Louis Copelowitz, about 1921 in Lithuania

Simcha Segal, an apprentice barber to Iserass Kopelovich.  Note the name above the barber shop.  Taken about 1938

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