Genn Family

The Gan/Gen/Genn family comes from several towns around Rokiskis, including Rokiskis itself, Uzpaliai, and Kamajai.  We don't know the town of origin.  They are a large family and we're working on expanding this page and including more information.

From Left to Right:  Fruma Genn (1900-2002); Zlate Feige Shteyman/Staiman Genn (1868-1962); Sora Rashe Genn (1898-1938); Chava Mira Genn Zalkind; Itzhak Yehuda Genn (1834-1916); Yossel/Joseph Genn/Gann (1902-2003)

The youngsters are the children of Zlate Feige and Chaim Mendel Genn, who passed away in 1907 in Rokiskis.  Chava Mira Genn is the youngsters' aunt, the sister of their father Chaim Mendel.  Itzhak Yehuda Genn is the children's grandfather, the father of Chaim Mendel.

Chava Mira Genn Zalkind and her family perished in the Holocaust; Zlate Feige Gann, Fruma/Fannie Gann Knittle and Sore Rashe/Sarah Rivka Gann Luban emigrated to the U.S. and spent the remainders of their lives in Seattle, WA; Yosel/Joseph Gann emigrated to the US and spent the remainder of his life in Boston, MA.


Photos courtesy of Richard Koseff, the great grandson of Sora Rashe Genn

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