Rokiskis Cemeteries and Memorials

Philip Shapiro, Rokiskis SIG member, has been spearheading a project to restore the Rokiskis Jewish cemetery.  He, his family members, and Lithuanian friends have applied for and received government permission, raised funds and gotten a fence built around the cemetery.  There is more to come, but below see photos of the progress so far.  Phil, we are all grateful for your dedication and hard work.

to see the information on the website of Maceva, a non-proft organization based in Lithuania whose mission is to document the remaining Jewish cemeteries in Lithuania. 





Click here or on photo to see a larger version and read the inscription on the monument..

Step 2  - Phil has shared photos and told us that Albertas Jasiunas installed the beautiful memorial stone he sculpted near the entrance to the old Jewish cemetery in Rokiskis and that this was the subject of an article in the local newspaper. (May, 2014)


Holocaust Memorial
Holon Cemetery, Israel




(photo courtesy of Israel Genealogical Society, Memorial for Vanished Communities)

  to see photos of the cemetery in Rokiskis  

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