Bor Family

The following photos represent the great grandparents of the Livshin family in Manchester, England, who came originally from Rokiskis, Lithuania.

Movsha Edelman had a son Yosef (Iosel) Reuvin Edelman (1818-1895) who married Stire (1825-1890).  They had a son, Rabbi Schneur Zalman Edelman, who was a Lubavitcher.

Rabbi Schneur Zalman Edelman married Chaya Sarah Katz (1849-1928), the daughter of Moshe Avrahom Katz.  The couple had three daughters, Hinda Malka Edelman (b. 1879, married Shmuel Rein, a shochet), Rochel Devorah Edelman (b. 1883, married Menachem Mendel Schneur Zalman Bor, b. 1874), and Golda Rivka Edelman (b. 188?, married Wolf Jaffe).  All of the daughters came to Manchester, England, and their mother followed them after the death of her husband.

The family story was that Rabbi Edelman went to the Lubavitcher Rebbe for broche for the engagement of his eldest daughter Hinda Malka.  The Rebbe asked Rabbi Edelman to bring forward the wedding date.  As a strict follower of the Rebbe, he did as he asked.  Shortly after the wedding the Rabbi died suddenly and it was felt that had the Rebbe not asked for the date change, Rabbi Edelman would not have been able to attend his daughter's wedding..

Rabbi Schneur Zalman Edelman

Chana Sara Katz

Moshe Yaacov ben Israel Bor and Rivka Sackstein were born in the 1850's, married, and died in Rokiskis.  The couple had three sons:  Mottel Bor, Meir Yisroel Bor, and Menachem Mendel Schneur Zalman Bor.

Moshe Yaacov Bor

Rivka Sackstein

Mottel Bor (b. 1866) married Chaya Sora (b. 1866), daughter of Leiba Yakubovich, in 1889, and had the following children:   Malka Bor (b. 1889), Faige-Etel "Fanny" Bor (b. 1893), Iosel Geshel "Harris"  Bor (b. 1894), Izrael Meylakh Bor (b. 1896), and Rochel "Ray" Bor (b.1899)..

Meir Yisroel Bor married and had seven children:  Harris, Faivish, Raphael, Chaya, Malka, Faigie, and Chana.  He served as the secretary of the Rokiskis Kehilla.  The majority of his family were killed in the Holocaust.

It was Menachem Mendel Schneur Zalman Bor who married Rochel Devorah Edelman, the daughter of Rabbi Schneur Zalman Edelman and Chana Sara Katz  They had the following children:  Zelda Bor (b. 1907), Joseph Bor (b. 1909), Harry Bor (b 1910), Rita Bor (b. 1912), Stella Bor (b. 1914), and Milly Bor (b. 1916).

Mottel Bor and Menachem Mendel Schneur Zalman Bor left Rokiskis for Manchester, England, while their brother Meir Yisroel stayed behind in Rokiskis.

Photos courtesy of Rosalyn Livshin

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