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Ethel Schwartzberg Aarons

Ethel Schwartzberg Aarons, (originally of Rokiskis) of Johannesburg, South Africa, donated a collection of photos to the South African Jewish Board of Deputies in 1988.  Mrs. Aarons served with her husband on the committee that published the Rokiskis Yizkor Book and was much involved with the Rokiskis landsleit.  Her husband was Yerachmiel (Ralph) Aarons, the son of Chone and Nechama-Liebe Arsh, also of Rokiskis.

The information was written haphazardly on the back of all the photos.  Many of the photos did not have any dates, but probably all fall within the period of the 1920's prior to Ethel Schwartzberg arriving in South Africa.  They provide a broad view of Jewish society in Rokiskis, although the photos do not often contain the names of all those who are pictured in them.  Many of those in the photographs were family and friends of Ethel Aarons.

The faces of the youngsters in the photos look out to us with such modern enthusiasm for the future.  Many never were able to see that future as they died during the Holocaust.  Those who had the good fortune to leave prior to the 1940's took with them to their new homes these memories from "der Heim" of their friends and family members.

Barry Mann kindly scanned these photos while on a recent trip to South Africa.  They are used with the permission of  Sam Aarons, Ethel Aarons' son. And special thanks go to Ann Rabinowitz for all her help and guidance.

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