Rybak Family

The following photos were contributed by Ruth Stern in honor of the family of her aunt Sophie Bat Sheva Zimmerman Rybak and uncle Judah Rybak, all of whom were killed in the Holocaust.

Sophie Zimmerman, the daughter of Rachel Ruff and Shlomo Zimmerman, was born in Kamajai.  Sophie emigrated to the U.S., was living in Jersey City, N.J. at the time of the 1920 U.S. Census, but was not happy.  So she returned to Lithuania and married Judah Rybak.  Judah, born in 1895 in Rokiskis, was the son of Itzhak Vulf and Irla Rybak and the grandson of Nachman Idel Ryback.  Sophie and Judah lived in Rokiskis and their 3 sons were born there.  

The home of the Rybak family.  Note the outdoors well.

Location of the Judah Rybak home

Rybak Family

Standing from l to r:  Judah Rybak, holding Tsalel; Bryna Rybak, Judah's sister who survived and went to Israel; and Sophie Zimmerman Rybak

Seated from l to r:  Irla Rybak, mother of Judah Rybak and Isaac Vulf Rybak

Isaac Vulf Ryback, born in Rokiskis on March 24, 1932

Judah, Sophie, and Isaac Rybak

Isaac Vulf Ryback

The Rybak sons, all born in Rokiskis:  Tsalel, born February 2, 1934; Josef, born March 22, 1936; and Isaac, born March 24, 1932

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