Bunim-Idel Kril

There were many talented Rokishokers and amongst them was Bunim-Idel Kril (also spelled Kreel), a Yiddish writer, poet and political activist.

Bunim-Idel Kril first settled in Cape Town, SA, when he left Rokiskis and later went to Johannesburg when he made a home for his family.  His daughter Sadie married the well-known anti-apartheid activist
Lionel Forman (originally Furmanovsky) whose family were from Kupiskis.

Due to his work appearing in Yiddish, he was little known by the modern non-Yiddish speaking generation until his works in the
Rokiskis Yizkor Book were translated.

He was well-known for his stories which appeared in the Rokiskis Yizkor Book:  "
Reminiscences of a Socialist in Rakishok", page 115, translated by Lillian Dubb and Sadie Forman, and "Zalman the Soda Water Maker", page 172, translated by Nathan Snyder.

He also wrote in Yiddish for other publications such as the popular Dorem Africa.  The following are three of his works of prose which have been translated for the first time by Nathan Snyder and give an idea of the type of works that endeared him to the Jewish community.
for A House Without Rest
  for Miniature Flagellations
  for Poem from "Dorem Africa"
Note:  Contributed with love by Sadie Forman, daughter of Bunim-Idel Kril.

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