Kramer Family

These pictures were from the albums that belonged to Chaim Meir Kramer, the son of Shneur (1881-1963, son of Beryl and Chaya Sora Kremer) and Dora Kramer (nee Abrams, 1886-1984, daughter of Lazar Abrams and Stira Feiga Kremer) of RokiskisShneur and Dora were married in Rokiskis on August 19, 1910 and Dora was Shneur's niece, the daughter of his sister Stira Feiga. Their son Michael was a photographer in Rokiskis.

Beryl and Chaya Sora's other children were Stira Faiga b 1869, Esther Brayne b 1869, Chana b 1869, Shmuel Hirsh b 1875, Dora b 1877, and Shneur Zalman b 1881.

Shneur and Dora had the following children:  Alice b 1912 Rokiskis; Chaim Meir b 1915 Rokiskis; Rita b 1916 Rokiskis; Louis b 1919; Rose b 1922; Beryl b 1924; Sheila b 1927, and Hannah b 1930.

. kramer50

Shneur and Dora Kramer on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary, in South Africa.

Chaim Meir Kramer, 1934 Chaim  Kramer
alicekramer chanakramer
Alice Kramer, 1930 Chana Elka Kramer, daughter of
Shmuel Hirsch and Ida Kramer, 1934


          photo shop
Chaim Meir, Rose and Rita Kramer, 1932      Vinokur's Photography Studio, where Chaim Meir worked
      as a photographer, 1932


Thank you to Rokiskis SIG member Ada Gamsu for getting these photos from Barry Kramer, son of Chaim Meir, getting them to me in New York and identifying the people.  It was a great deal of work and is appreciated.  

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