This list is taken from the Yizkor Book for Ritavas

Part 1:  A - J

Abilov       Manja (daughter of Rev Ephraim Wolfson)
Abilov       Abram and family
Abramowitz    Aharon and family
Adelman family
Averbuch    Avraham and family
Averbuch    Avraham Izhak and family 
Averbuch    Freide
Averbuch    Moshe (Mauke) and family

Babush     Elchanan and family
Babush     Jacov Wolf and family
Babush     Shlomo and family
Babush     Shmuel and family
Ballin        Jirmeyahu and family
Ballin        Moshe and family
Berelowitz     Blume  Eide
Berman     Chaie
Birk          Sheine
Birk          Shmuel and family
Brick        Kroshe
Buchman  Chaie

Davidowitz   Aba and family
Davidowitz   Shalom Leib and family
Dorfman    Jacov and Chana
Druzin        Elchanan and family
Druzin        Sarah
Dushin       Sarah Rive

Epel            Aharon and family
Erman         Leibe and family
Erman         Preide and family

Fein             Baruch and wife
Fig               Hirsh and family
Friedman     David and son Ze'ev
Friedman     Kroshe and family

Garber         Asher and family
Garber         Chaie
Garber         Ettel and Esther (Minna's daughter)
Garber         Hessel and family
Garber         Mendel and family
Garber         Selig and family 
Geniss          Chaim Jacov and family
Geniss          Chana Gute
Geniss          Friedman, Chaja Rive and son
Geniss          David and Chana
Geniss          Lieber and family 
Glaun           Chaie
Glaun           Moshe and family
Glaun           Shmuel and family
Groll            Chaim Hirsh and family
Groll            Chone and family 
Groll            David and family
Groll            Jecheskel and family
Groll            Pesse
Groll            Sarah Hinde
Groll            Taube Mire and family
Groll            Ure and family
Goldberg     Alte and family
Goldberg     Taube
Goldin          Zipe and Sheidke
Griksht        Alte and family
Griksht        Moshe Yudel and family

Hantman      Jude Leib and family 
Heiman         Moshe Aron and family
Heiman         Wolf and family
Hirshovitz     Feige Rochel
Hon               Meir and Sarah

Itzikowitz      Beremiche and family
Itzikowitz      Joseph and family

Jankelowitz   Gute and family
Jekel & Beile
Jelowitz         Meir and family
Joseph           Lea
Judel family

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