Persons buried in the allotments of the
Chevra Rodfei Zedek Anshe Ritava (Ritavas Chevra)
in and around
New York

There are three locations in or around New York where theChevra Rodfei Zedek Anshei Ritova (Ritova Chevra) maintained burial plots in which immigrants from Ritavas and their descendants are buried.  They are at:

  Washington Cemetery, Brooklyn (Section 1, Post 14);
New Mt Carmel Cemetery, Glendale, NY (Block 7, Map 3; and  
Cedar Park Cemetery, Paramus, NJ (Block 2)

A list of all the graves in these three plots has been drawn up by Ada Greenblatt who - although she has no roots in the Rasseiniai district - very generously visited all of the Landsmannschaft and Benevolent Associations (Burial Societies) for immigrants who came to the US from that district, and were buried in the New York area.  She visited individual graves of 2620 people, and then compared them to the burial records for consistency and additional information. Some of the graves go back as far as 1885. 

A list of those buried in the Brooklyn cemetery was also supplied by James Kaye

The entries on the lists usually give the date of birth of the deceased, and the names of father, mother and spouse

In accordance with the policy of JewishGen, these lists cannot be reproduced on this site, but the names will be found at the JewishGen Society of New York database , or on the Jewish Online Worldwide Burial Registry Project.   Alternatively, contact Sam Aaron , who has a copy of the lists. 

Please note that Ada is not connected with or related to anyone in the plots, and cannot provide further information on any of the deceased.

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