1877 Box Taxpayers List

A large number of the persons listed here are shown as living in shtetlach other than Ritavas.  It is not yet known why their names should appear on a Box Tax list for Ritavas

Part 1:  A - I


ABRAMOVICH Movsha David - Poor
ABRAMOVICH Zusman Yankel Poor; lives in Laukuva
AVERBUKH Rafal Abram  Died; has real estate
AVREKH Itsik Volf Poor; lives in Skuodas
AVREKH  Yudel Eliyash Itsik  Poor
AVREKH  Meer  Movsha Retired Soldier
AVRIK  Leyba Itsik  Orel Poor; lives in Plunge
AVRIKH David Movsha Died
AYZIK David Gabrel Ovsey Poor; lives in Slonim
AYZIK  Lipman Ezriel  Poor; lives in Drubiai?
AYZIK  Gesel  Leyba Poor; lives in Saduva

BABUSH  Shlioma Iosel Poor; lives in Varniai
BABUSH  Noakh Iosel Retired Soldier
BAK  Girsh  Yavnel Has real estate; lives in Palaits village?
BARK Mordkhel Meer  Borukh Died
BARK  Eliyash Borukh Shmuel Died
BARK Beniyamin Abram Poor; lives in Zagare
BAS  Shlioma Gershel Poor; lives in Plunge
BENAKH Borukh Meer Poor; lives in Verdigiai?
BERELIOVICH Shmerel  Movsha  Poor; lives in Pajuris
BLOKH Volf Leyb Movsha Has real estate
BORUKHOVICH Efroim Abram - Poor; lives in Telsiai

DAVIDOVICH Tubiyash Iosel Poor; lives in Salantai
DON Iokhel Volf Has real estate
DREY  Mones  Yankel  Poor; lives in Upyna
DREY  Meer David  Died

EYZIK  Leyba  Ezriel  Poor; lives in Telsiai

FIDLER  Sholom Nekhemie Poor
FIG  Leyzer Itsik Poor; lives in Bazhausk?
FIG  Nokhim Abel  Eliyash  .
FISH  Meer Srol Girsh Poor; lives in Novo.?
FISHER Iosel Zelman Yankel Poor
FLOP Khatskel Shmuel Poor
FRAK David Zusman  Poor; lives in Karkliai
FRAK Movsha Mordkhel  Peysakh  Poor
FRAK  Zusman Zelman Poor 

GARGZHDAI?  Volf Shlioma Fig Poor; lives in Gargzdai
GERING Meer Sroel Poor
GERTSOVICH Aron Daniel  - Poor
GINTSBERG Leyzer  Ayzik  Poor; lives in Kaunas
GIRSHOVICH Ovsey - Poor; lives in Plunge
GIRSHOVICH David  Srol  Has real estate
GLAZ Girsh Kushel  Poor; lives in Tvere?
GOLDBERG Chaim Volf  Leyzer  Has real estate; lives in Laukuva
GOLDBERG  Mones Meer  Poor; lives in Laukuva
GOLDBERG  Borukh Movsha Has real estate; lives in Novorak?
GOREN Mordkhel David Poor
GROD  Yankel  Benel Poor; lives in Plunge
GROL Movsha  Shlioma  Poor; lives in Taurage
GROL  Shlioma  Iosel Died
GROL  Irmiya Shlioma Poor; lives in Taurage
GROL  Chaim  Shlioma  Poor

IOSELOVICH Gutman  Chaim Died
ITSIKOVICH Borukh  - Died; has real estate
ITSIKOVICH Leyba  Kel Poor; lives in Tvere?
ITSIKOVICH Ovsey Movsha Poor
ITSIKOVICH Yankel  Zelman Poor
ITSIKOVICH Meer  Aron David Poor

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