Synagogues of Latvia

Project of Rabbi Nathan Barkan
Published by Jewish Religious Comunity of Riga "Shamir"

Shamir ( have produced a unique set of cards of the old synagogues and houses of prayer in Latvia from 1918-1940,  They have kindly given me permission to put the pictures up on the Web. Most of the houses of worship were constructed prior to WW1.They differed in style from splendid synagogues to the houses of prayer often located in shabby old houses. The Holocaust reduced it all to nothing.  I will be adding to these photos. The complete set of cards or the book are available from Shamir.

This page has photos of synagogues Tukums,Jekabpils,Jelgava,Karsava,Leipaja and Krustpils.
Page 2 has photos of synagogues Ventspils,Bauska, Rezekne, Riga, Riga Jurmala Bulduri.
Page 3  has photos of Daugavpils
Page 4 has photos of synagogues in Piltene,Varaklani,Sabile,Jaunjelgava,Kuldiga and Ludza

                Great Synagogue Tukums                                     Jekabpils Old Synagogue

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                          Tukums The Great Synagogue                                                                                                Jekabpils Old Synagogue reconstructed 1926-1931       
                          A stone building constructed 1865                                                                                          A stone building constructed 1881    

 Jelgava The Great Synagogue                                            Karsava The Old Synagogue
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Jelgava The Great Synagogue reconstructed in 1934-1939                                                            Karsava The Old Synagogue reconstructed in 1928
Brick building constructed 1860                                                                                                    A Wooden building constructed in 1884

Liepaja The Great Synagogue                                                                    Krustpils Heimo House of Prayer

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Liepja The Great Synagogue reconstructed in 1933                                                                                                Krustpils Heimo House of Prayer
A Stone building constructed in 1872                                                                                                                       A Stone building constructed in 1890

Compiled by Arlene Beare
May 2011
Arlene Beare