Maccabi English Translation of Names in Text

We owe a great debt of gratitude to Max Michelson who has translated the names in the text from Yiddish to English. Max was born in Riga and was in the Riga Ghetto.
On page 3 he found a picture of  his great-uncle Artur Kelman who was with him in the Ghetto and later perished in Bergen Belsen. 
He wrote-"  Most of the names are in the captions but also in various other places. I have used the contemporary Jewish names common in Latvia and
in some cases I may not have been able to read them correctly as the Yiddish was not clear. Some of the captions are in Latvian which I can read
and this was very helpful in deciphering the name.
I tried to correlate some of the names with the Latvian Names Project as most of the people listed were murdered in Riga during the Shoah.
I am familiar with many of the names although without the full first name it is often difficult to identify the person in question."

Page 3:            A(rtur) Kelman, Chair of Maccabi, Latvia

Page 4:            Lord Melchett, Hon. President of World Maccabi Association

                                    (Henry Ludwig Mond, 1898-1950)                 

Page 5:            Dr. Herman Leveller, President of World Maccabi Association

Page 6:            Eng. M. Muschkat, Chair of Central  Association of Latvia                             

Page 7:            J. Dannenhirsch, Maccabi Sports Leader

Page 8:            First Leadership of Maccabi:

                        Seated from left:  Miss Nurok, A. Bergman, Dr. Scheinfeld, Chairman; 

                                    Mrs. S. Michelson

                        Standing:  J. Silberman, Hirschkowitsch, A. Markus, S. Kreschme

Page 9:            Dr. A. Berkowitsch,  one of the early leaders of Maccabi

Page 10:         (Text only)                                                                                                

Page 11:          J, Guliak, Winner at Xth Olympiad

Page 12:          Dentist  A. Rosenblum  ?

Page 13:          Meeting in honor of poet Leib Yaffe, 1925.

Page 14:          Left side:         Architect A. Bergman;

                        Right side:       Dr. Oscar Press (hidden in Riga, suicide after liberation)

                                                            (father of Bernhard Press, author of

                                         The Murder of the Jews in Latvia, 1941-1945  (Evanston, IL: Northwestern U Press, 2000))

Page 15:          (Text only)

Page 16:          Seniors group, 1926/27 (No names in caption)

Page 17:          Dr. Rudolf Abraham, The Purpose of our Work, (Text only)

Page 18:          A. Feldhuhn, leader of the light athletic section.

Page 19:          Active Maccabi members: 

                        Front row from left:  A. Heidemann, J. Glassman, B. Katzenellenbogen, A. Levi,

                                                            N. Ollenstein,
                        Second row:    H. Berman, D. Hatzkelewitsch, Abr. Levine, J. Schlesinger

                        Third row:        M. Rosengarten, M. Levine, . Friedowitsch, T. Gutman, I. Silberg,

                                                M. Rojak,  M. Seidenberg,

                        Top row:          H. Berstein, Dr. I(srael). Hase (1899-1941), Dr. M. Herschberg,

                                                            O(wsey) Tabatschnik (Director of  Riga Circus, killed 1941); 

                                                            Dr. M(endel Aron) Goldring (1896-1941);                                                                                  

Page 20:          Essay by Wolf Birnbaum The Historic Mission of Maccabi

                        (picture)   A. Markus, Latvian Master in checkers, 1933, and Riga Master, 1932/33

Page 21:          Left top:  Bros. Bergman, long time soccer players;

                        Right top:  On the parallel bars:  L. Feldhuhn, C. Kahn, Mrs. Rifa

                                  Below the bars:         M. Kravitz, P. Gordon, A. Temko

                        Bottom picture;    1921 women and men groups, with instructor

Page 22:          Top left:       Master soccer team, 1925

                        Top right:    Soccer  team 1924

                             From left; Trainer Wilson,  A. Kutschgasch, M. Temko, L. Alojs, I. Dannenhirsch,

MRosengarten, A. Bergman, L. Albin, J. Blumenthal;

                                                Outside right: B. Dannenhirsch

                                                Seated: J. Zimmerman, H. Kahn, Mandelstamm

                        Bottom left:    Boys soccer team, winners at 1926 JKS meet.

                        Bottom right: Boys team, 1929

Page 23:          K. Jakobowitsch, Forward Maccabi, London (text only).

Page 24:          J. Dannenhirsch (Text only)

Page 25:          (Text only)


Page 26           Member of Management H. Segal , who placed first in 540 km endurance drive Riga Kaunas,  etc.

Page 27:          Left top:  Spectators at Panevezh meet

                        Right top:  Juniors on trip to Klaipeda (Memel) 1930

                        Left bottom:  Maccabi team before Ponevezh meet

                        Right bottom:  Participants at Maccabi Light-athletics 1933 meet with Tallinn and Ventspils participation..

Page 28:          L. Schmelowitsch, Maccabi Secretary

Page 29:          Left side;  A. Markus, gymnastics instructor

                        Right side: S. Kutschnel, leader of Volleyball and Basketball Section.

Page 30:          Maccabi  Leadership, 1926/27:

            From left:  I. Manuschewitsch, D. Hatzkelewitsch, J. Glasman, H. Segal, H. Wolf, A. Kelman,

                        Att. A(lfons) Heidemann,  Att. Lackij, E. Birman, H. Berstein, B. Katzenellenbogen, 

VV. Tabatschnik, A. Bergman, J. Dannenhirsch, A. Liebermann.

Page 31:          Zvi Karasoff, Member of Maccabi leadership

Page 32:          Left:  Soccer team 1933;

                        Right:  Light-athletes and referees, 1925

Page 33:          Ch. Celminsch, Chief of Riga City

Page 34:          Pictures of Maccabi Sports Life:

Page 35:          Mordechai Nurok,  On the Jubilee of Maccabi (Text only)

                        Sch. Wittenberg, Saims (Parliament) Deputy  On  the Maccabi Jubilee (Text only)

Page 36:          Greetings of the 15-year Maccabi Jubilee (Text only)

Page 37:          Greetings of the 15-year Maccabi Jubilee (Text only)

Page 38:          Greetings of the 15-year Maccabi Jubilee (Text only)

Page 39:          Top Left:           Maccabi hockey (?)  team, 1922/23

                        Top Right:        Heavy-athletics group, 1921/22.

                        Bottom Left:     Relay team that won 2nd place 1925:

                                    N. Ollenstein, M. Berman, I. Glickman, D. Albin, E. Kunin, J. Dannenhirsch

                        Bottom Right:  Maccabi parade, Riga Esplanade 1925;

Page 40:          Top Left:          Soccer and Light-athletics winter training      

                        Top Right:        Maccabi group at Keren-Kayemet meet, 1932

                                                At left Section Leader B. Kelman   

                        Bottom Left:    Boys group with exercise teacher H. Markus,1930

                        Bottom Right:  Scout section in camp, 1922.

Page 41:          Top Left:          Soccer team, 1923;

                        Top Right:        Liepaja Jubilee 1932.

                        Bottom Left:    J. Jaffe, Z. Idelson, Z. Rudin, table tennis master team, 1933 

                        Bottom Right:  Light-athletes and referees.

Page 42           In connection with the Jubilee the following active sportsmen in Maccabi received

                        Maccabi Jubillee Badges:

                        S. Idelson, J. Israel, R. Israelstam,A. Itim, R. Opeschkin, J. Alenstein, A. Bahn,

                        L. Balter (nee. Feldman), E. Basner, A. Bergman, H. Bergman, W. Gitlin, D. Gleserman,               B. Garfinkel, I. Gollak (America), Y. Gutman, B. Dannenhirsch, Y. Weinberg, A. Temko,                                S. Temko, L. Yoffan (Palestine), Y. Joffe, A. Levy, A. Lewin, S. Levenstein, E. Machelson,                  A. Markus, E. Markuschewitsch, M. Matison, S. Milman, B. Minkoff, M. Feigin,                                        A . Feldhuhn, C. Feldhuhn (nee. Kahn), L. Tsimbel, Ch. Kahn, W. Kahn (America),  S.                          S. Killof,  E. Krieger, S. Rapaport (nee Michelson), M. Rosengarten, S. Rudin,                                             R. Scheitelman,  L. Schimmelowitsch, B. Schneider. 



Page 42 cont. 

            Maccabi Management:

                         A. Kelman (Chair), M. Rojak (Vice-Chair), H. Segal (1st  Treasurer), J. Dannenhirsch                               (2nd Treasurer), L. Schimmelowitsch (Secretary), Sports leader Y. Dannenhirsch;                          Inventory Manager B. Kalman, Members: H. Bahn, S. Michelson, M. Peres,

                        A. Berkowitsch,  H. Levitas, A. Seiman,

            Audit Committee:

                        A. Heidemann (Chair),  A. Rosenblum (Vice-Chair),

                        Members: A. Lieberman, Y. Berman, A. Bergman.