Maccabi Explanation Page

Part of the Malz Archive is a book with text and pictures detailing Maccabi in Riga from 1918-1933.   The book starts with the text in Latvian.  From the back starting on page 3 up to page 42 the text is Yiddish. After page 42 there are pages of adverts from various Companies.

I have chosen to upload.both the Yiddish Text and Latvian Text including photos.Some photos have the names of the participants below but some do not.  Some photos are full page with no text. Under the photos where there are names they are not in Yiddish characters and one can make out the names such as Joffe and Levi.  There are lists of names in the Latvian text on pages from 20-25. It is easy to read the names in the Latvian text and these should be of great Genealogical interest particularly as there were competitors from all over the World.
Max Michelson kindly translated the names of people in photos in the Yiddish text and I have linked the names to the relevant pages.

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Maccabi Explanation Page.