Sir Isaiah Berlin


Sir Isaiah Berlin was born in Riga in 1909 and died in the United Kingdom in 1997. In 1915 the family moved to Petrograd and  from Petrograd to England in 1921. Sir Isaiah Berlin was a pupil of St Paul's school and then studied at Corpus Christi College,Oxford. He was a world renowned Philosopher and was awarded many prizes. He was preoccupied with free will and determinism.


Fellow of All Souls
Fellow of New College
Professor of Social and Political Theory

Founding President of Wolfson College

Published Works

A memorial plaque has been placed on the wall of the house where he lived in Riga.

The houses in Alberta street where Isaiah lived have the beautiful Eisenstein facades. Eisenstein was a civil engineer and the father of the famous Russian film maker Sergei Eisenstein.

Alberta Street where Sir Isaiah Berlin lived.

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