A History of Interesting Buildings
In Răducăneni

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The following property deeds appear by courtesy of Radu Ciobanica


This double property
is located on the right hand corner of the main road
and the side street leading to the hospital.
The original name of the main road
at the begining of the 20th century was
Strada Lascar Rosetti

See the Ciobanica property marked round in blue. See the labels showing original families living in the various houses.

The property deed below indicate the first owner Solomon Melter in 1905.
It is now owned by the Ciobanica family.

Literal translation by Maria Zait

Bill of sale

Subscriber/ I, Solomon Melter, merchant in Raducaneni village, Falciu county, I declare that I have sold to my son, Moisa Melter, merchant in Raducaneni, all the construction made of brick, stone, wood and sheet metal, with all the annexes, in its whole, which I own on the place under/subjected to bezman (long term contract with rights for mortgage for the rented property) the property of Raducaneni estate. This sale does not include the land or the spot on which the whole construction stands, with all its annexes/outbuildings, made of that specified material, because that land does not belong to me, being taken with bezman from Mrs. Landowner by my son.

The entire material that composes the building, with all the annexes, which is the object of this sale is located Raducaneni Fair, Falciu County, neighboring at east with Mr. Moise Coperberg’s Store, at west with Hospital Street, at the back with Aizic Stoleriu and in front with the main street, having the length of 4 Four and a half stanjeni (this is a unit of measurement for length; 1 stanjen = from  1,93 till 2,23 meters) or 10 meters am 3cm in front and 13 stanjeni or 28 meters and 99 cm towards the courtyard.

The cost of this sale is 2500 lei, which money I declare I have received during composing this deed, and from now on He becomes owner of this entire material which consists of the building/construction with the annexes/outbuildings mentioned before. I will no longer have any rights.

Subscriber/ I, Moise Melter, merchant in Raducaneni village, I declare I have bought from my father, Solomon Melter, all the construction, with its annexes, made of stone, brick, wood and sheet metal, that the above mentioned owns in Raducaneni village, on the place above specified, at the cost of 2500 lei, amount of money which I counted at the making of this document.

Husi, 1905, July


We know the parts,                                                                     Editor and writer, S. Iliescu,

Moses Goldner, merchant of Husi                                            Attorney, Husi

Note that the top part of the left hand page is the continuation of the bill of sale document above.

Literal translation by Maria Zait
Legal wording explained by Nicolae Decsei


I, Anna Catargi, the owner of Raducaneni Estate and Fair, Falciu County, declare I have given to Mr. Moise Solomon Melter a place to rent in the village, under the following conditions:

1.      The place measures 4 ˝ stanjeni  and he will own it for 99 years, paying a rent of 2,56 bani  

per year for each stanjen. For each stanjen placed in front of the street, there will be 15 stanjeni in the back of the yard.

2.      For the pasture, he will deal with his neighboring properties; about the usage concerns, he is  

given the right for pasturing from Bivolaria to the meadow edge, and from above the Fair to Bazga’s furrow.

               3. He is given the right to trade all kind of goods without fee and it was established that no fee is to be introduced in the future, under no circumstances, without the parties’ convention.

               4.  Introducing the commerce, trade in wine, spirits, beer and all kind of beverage is and stays exclusive right of the property; they, however, agree to bring and sell wine, spirits and beer paying as entering the estate: 32 bani for a bucket of wine, 2 Fr 40 bani for a bucket of spirits and 17 bani for a bucket of beer.

               5. Mister will pay regularly and without delay rent for the property to the estate. In case of delay payment for over 3 years, he will lose the property rights and the estate will be entitled to reimburse by selling the buildings without any trial.

               6. He also undertakes to comply strictly to the rules prescribed by the property, regarding cleaning, maintaining silence, security against fire. In order to do so, he will not be able to claim foreign protection; it will depend only on local administration of the place, although his staying on the property and in all his relations with the estate and its inhabitants.

               7. He will not be able to alienate the rent to another person without the estate approval.

               8. Under these terms, his staying will not exceed his right regarding his property; also, he will not be able to withdraw from the duties he took upon himself without losing all the rights issued in this agreement, the only ground of his settlement on this property.

The location of this place is on Lascar Rosetti Street, neighboring at is with…and at west with Hospital Street.

                1905, January, 14

Note the names of the streets at the bottom of the contract page above.

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