Nathan Moise - Tuli
The last Jew in Raducaneni
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From left to right
Brother in law - Adriana - Virginia - Sister - Tuli
19th June 1989
Adriana in the doorway of her veterinary pharmacy
& pet food shop
on the main street of Raducaneni


Tuli: The last Jew in Raducaneni

 Nathan Moses, known as Tuli in the village of Raducaneni.was born in 1912 to Shmil and Malka Moise. Shmil was a shoemaker but his son did not follow in his footsteps. Nathan (Tuli) became a shepherd and a beekeeper. Life was not easy for him.

 When the opportunity arose, Nathan's sisters settled in Israel but Nathan stayed home with his younger brother, Mendel, and their widowed mother.

 Tuli lived near a very beautiful woman named Virginia. She was a Catholic. They set up home together and although they were never legally married, their relationship was stable and lasted until the end of their lives.

 In time, Nathan and Virginia made a noble gesture and adopted a child, Adriana, whom they raised well, attending to all her needs and providing her with a good moral education.

 Tuli loved the local area in which he lived and resisted his sisters' repeated requests to join them in Israel. Had he done so, he would certainly have had a better life there and an easier old age. Tuli died in 1996 and became known as the last Jew to live in Raducaneni, a village that once had housed such a vibrant and strong Jewish community.

Photo of Tuli & article in Romanian, courtesy of Adriana Balteanu.
Scanning & translation courtesy of Maria Enache.
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