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Courtesy of John Raisman



My maternal grandfather was Haim Myer Apelbaum.  I have his military record book (see pictures) & his naturalization paper. The naturalization paper says he was born in “Radin” which I presume should have read Radom, I think his wife Fanny (Figi) was a Goldfarb. Their 5 surviving children were all born in Zyrardow, Poland.

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Courtesy of Bert Blevis


There is a large Blevis (Bleiweis/Blejwas) family, primarily located in western Canada that has an extensive family tree with close links to Radom.  While we have not been able to establish links with that family (no common first names), my father (who was born in Bedzin) once stated that our family originated there, and presumably my grandfather, was born in Radom.



Courtesy of Jay Sobel

My mother Dina Blejwas is from Radom Poland.  Her parents were Jakob Blejwas and Chana Toba Kirszenbaum Blejwas.  Jakob Blejwas was the son of Zacharias and Mindel Switzer Blejwas.  Jakob had a brother Mendel. Chana Toba Kirszenbaum Blejwas had the following siblings: Ziporah (1896-1942), Ruchel, Blima, Avrum and Itzhak and Fajga Lipfeld.  Her parents were Josef and Chaia Abramowi Kirszenbaum.  My mother, Dina Blejwas, had the following siblings: Chil (Joe) b. 1918, Avrum b. 1922, Chaya (Ida) b. 1920 and Uzer (Ziggy) b. 1915 (child with first wife Bina).


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 Family names are GOLDBERG, BIRENBAUM and CUKIER

Courtesy of Riva Zohar

Radomsko, Radom, Poland.

My 2 Great Grandfathers were brothers and belonged to a large family of 8 children, 3 of the children went to live in the USA and although my parents had contact we lost it many years ago.

8 Siblings were:

1.    Savel migrated to the USA married and had 10 children:

2.    Moshe (my Great grandfather married Gittle Birenbaum) had 7 children England USA & Israel

3.    Burial   (my Great grandfather married Yona – Topka Goldberg) had 7 children

     1st wife : Rocha Rassak –

     2nd wife: Yona – Topka Goldberg – (4 children)Helen died after the war in Sweden,,Sala, killed WW@ in Lublin

Esthera Zysmann (Zisman) 2 children Tushia m Boris son Victor(in Kansas) Yurek killed WW2,Karol Kalman.

4.    Jacob (had 5 children) Abraham died in Poland, Ushek  (USSR),        Luba (USSR) 2 sons,Helen died in Poland, Steffa  died in Poland      

5.    Leon Lazar m Gitel (had 3 children) New York     Harry or Moniak (he was blind)m Esthera (2 sons) Jack (Hollywood)

  Morry(New York had 2 daughters Sherry & Mali

   Son  killed WW2                                     

6.    Leau Honingbaum (Honikbaum or Honingman) had a daughter (Sara or Sala)killed WW2 (Poland)

7.    Relchia Oxman (Israel) 3 children                                 

8.    Altish Brody (LUBLIN)Childless


Moshe Ejzenman m Gittle Birenbaum (Radom)


Ejzenman family had 7 children:

 1. Hedjia (Hadassa)( 1891-1945)killed in Treblinka) Married Avraham Eisenman(1891-1945 killed Mathausen) had( 2 children)   

            A. Isaac Eisenman (1914-1982) (2 sons) ISRAEL

            B. Rena (Niusia)(1921-1970)(3children) Yona(19401940)KilledWW2 israel AUSTRALIA-


2. Rusia m Alexander Laks: (2 children) USA ENGLAND                                                                                                                                                     

 3.  Sala married Isaac Goren: (1 Child-Dvora Efron) Israel(2Children)


4. Matilda m Pinek Hayte (Hait or Hayat ) : ( 3 children) POLAND ISRAEL


5. Bella  m Chastek  1 daughter Ilana (Lusiecika) all killed WW2 POLAND

6. Chaim ( Chaniek )Eisenman killed WW2   POLAND

7. Regina Rozenbau m 1 daughter all killed WW2 POLAND


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Courtesy of Anne Madow


My great grandfather was from Radom.  All I know is that he emigrated to the US via London.  The last name was Goodman (or so they think). The family (Zeidwerg/Goodman) was from a town near Radom called Shidlovske which is near Bialystock.   There is a Shidlovske Society Cemetery in Long Island.  My farthest back ancestors from Radom were Sam Zaidverg and Nettie Slubski (see pictures)

My great grandparents (Zeidwerg/Slupska/Kulender/Gerszonowicz) were from Szydlowiec, Radom Gubernia and my great grandparents (Goodman/maybe Feigenbaum) were from Zwolen, Radom Gubernia.



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Courtesy of Eva Hershkowicz


My grandfather was from Radom. The only link we had to his family, was via a few letters & postcards with photos, sent by his sisters in the 1930s. The documents are in Yiddish.   Although our name is Hershkowitz, there's  been a joke that it was really something like Gershowitz, but changed accidentally by the authorities when he came to AmericaI also know that he had "cousins" named Rosenblatt;

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Courtesy of Rachel Brass (Lederman)


My mother's family was from Radom.  Their names were: Moshe Rafael Lindzen and Rachel Chaya Lindzen, children Yacov Yosif, Esther Mindl, Gitla (my Mother) and Rachmiel. Only my aunt Esther (Ella) is still alive.


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Courtesy of Babette Rutman


The entire Rutman family came from Radom, the Lermans also--they all descend from a family named Zeidenweber.



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Courtesy of Arthur Gitajn

My great great grandparents were Judah (Yehuda or Yidel) Rubinstein ("an original settler of Mawechen," which is where the Radom airport is) and Fajga Korman.  Thomas Jefferson was President when Judah was born.  Judah and Fajga had three sons -- Zachariasz (my grandfather Avraham's father), Rachmil (or Yerachmil), and Chuna (or El Chanan). one of my aunts -- Fajga, Rajzel, or Bajla -- married a man from Radom.


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Courtesy of Jack Keisman

My fatherJoseph Jacob Keisman who was born in Radom,Poland January 26 1902 (see photo)


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Courtesy of Judith Elam

Mendzigursky line has been traced back to the 1760s where it was originally Miedzygorski which means "copper from the mountain".  The spelling is believed to have changed when the submitters great-grandfather Meier Feiwel moved with his family to Leipzig in 1903.  Other surnames which have surfaced include Kryman, Margules, Moszyn, Brasz, Rubinsztajn and Szwarcbaum.

Meier Feiwel Mendzigursky, born in Konskie, Radom on April 14, 1864.  His father was Ya'akov Eliahu.  Meier was married to Ettel Leie Hasenlauf in January 1883 in Bochnia, where she was from.  Meier Feiwel, his wife and 5 surviving children emigrated to Leipzig, Germany in late 1903.  Meier Feiwel was a fur trader and a teacher of the Torah.  He lived at Gneisenaustrasse 7.  After his wife died in1935 he moved into the Jewish old age home on Auenstrasse, from where he was deported on September 19, 1942 to Theresienstadt. He died February 10, 1943.

His 7 children were all born in Oswiecim.
Ester Rivka Mendzigursky, b. May 10, 1884, d. Feb 22, 1942, Ra'anana, Palestine
Israel Mendzigursky, b. Dec 21, 1886, d. Oct 24, 1919, Chemnitz, Germany
Judith Sara Mendzigursky Horn, b. April 20, 1889, d. July 21, 1926, Leipzig
Efraim Hasenlauf, b. 1892, d. 1892
Taube Hasenlauf, b. 1893, d. 1898
Sprinze Hasenlauf Perlmutter, b. Feb 12, 1896, d. ca. 1960 in Tel-Aviv, Israel
Peisech Mendzigursky, b. April 9, 1898, d. April 27, 1962, Salford, England
Meier Feiwel's descendants live in Israel, England, Turkey and USA.  These are the family of Israel, Sprinze and Peisech.
Ester Rivka Mendzigursky married her uncle Chaim Baruch - brother of Meier Feiwel.  Chaim, who was born Sep 14, 1881 in Bedzin, had also emigrated to Leipzig.  He was a tailor and a merchant.  The family moved to Chemnitz around 1913/14.  Chaim, Ester Rivka and their 3 daughters emigrated to Ra'anana, Palestine around 1934. 
Sprinze Hasenlauf married Leib Chaim Perlmutter in Leipzig.  They had a son Adi and a daughter Miriam.  The family emigrated to Tel-Aviv in 1933.
Peisech Mendzigursky was married to Frieda Wiener and they lived in Leipzig.  They had one son & 3 daughters.  The son died at age 6.  Peisech and 2 daughters, Feige & Malke, managed to get out of Germany in August 1939 to England (Manchester).  The sisters arrived on the last Kindertransport out of Leipzig.  Their little sister and mother were deported to Riga.
One of these 2 sisters is my mother (Feige), now known as Fay Shaw and lives in Yorkshire.  Peisech, Feige & Malke (Margo) lived with the Bookbinder family of Cheetham Hill, Manchester.  Peisech was interned upon arrival and then later interned again for 14 months on the Isle of Man.  Feige started work as a machinist immediately and Malke was quarantined at a sanitorium for tuberculosis.  Eventually Malke got better and started work as a machinist too.  Feige moved to London in 1947 where she met her husband Max Heinz Nathan and 2 daughters were born to them.  I am one of them!
Meier Feiwel and Chaim had a sister, Reisel Devora Mendzigursky, who was born 1868 in Kielce.  She married Chaim Abel Buchbinder (later Hyman Abba Bookbinder) from Checiny in 1886.  In Jan 1903, Reisel, Chaim and their 6th child left for London.  2 months later their 5 older children sailed to London.  3 more children were born in London.   Chaim was a baker.  In 1911 the family moved to Manchester and set up the well-known bakery in Cheetham Hill.  Rachel & Hyman Bookbinder are the patriarchs of the well-known Bookbinder family.  Their son Nat Bookbinder was a well-known band leader in the 1940's. Their great-granddaughter, Elaine Bookbinder, is better known as the famous singer Elkie Brooks.
Meier Feiwel, Chaim Baruch and Reise Devora were the children of Ya'akov Eliahu with his first wife.  Ya'akov had a son with his second wife, whose name was Leiser Chiel, born Dec 16, 1899 in Bedzin.  Leiser Chiel lived with his wife Leah and their 5 children in Falkenstein, Germany.
Leiser Chiel and his children were able to get out of Germany, and were also housed by the Bookbinder family.  Leah perished at Lodz.   In the early 1950's 3 of the children emigrated to Israel and were some of the founders of the kibbutz Kfar Hanassi.  The youngest child, Marie Mendzigursky Lee lives in Manchester.


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Courtesy of Lena Fiszman

Ephraim Fishel FISZMAN  was born on 20 Mar 1886 in Radom, Poland. He died on 5 Aug 1942 in Treblinka K/Z, Poland. Ephraim married Chava Gittle SITKOWSKA in Radom, Poland. Chava Gittle SITKOWSKA  was born about 1884 in Ostrowiec, Poland. She died in 1935 in Radom, Poland.

Ephraim resided in Rynek 4, Radom, Poland. He resided in Rynek 8 & 3 Blacharska Street, Radom, Poland. He belonged to the Chasidic movement. He worked as Leather Merchant.

Ephraim and Chava had the following children.

Chana Mindle FISZMAN was born on 17 Feb 1913 in Radom, Poland. She died on 11 Jul 1914 in Radom, Poland.

Szmul Arja (Samuel) FISZMAN was born on 15 Oct 1914. He died on 13 Dec 1999.

Chaya Rajzla (Hela) FISZMAN was born on 5 Feb 1917 in Radom, Poland. She died on 5 Aug 1942 in Treblinka K/Z, Poland.
Chaya resided in Rynek 4, Radom, Poland. She resided in Rynek 8 and 3 Blackharska Street, Radom, Poland. She belonged to the Hashomer. She worked as Corseter.

Moshe Majer FISZMAN was born on 29 Nov 1921. Moshe married Franciska GOTTLIEB on 29 Oct 1948 in Bari, Italy.

Mania (Miriam) FISZMAN was born on 20 Mar 1926 in Radom, Poland. She died on 5 Aug 1942 in Treblinka K/Z, Poland.
Mania resided in Rynek 4, Radom, Poland. She resided in Rynek 8 and 3 Blacharska Street, Radom, Poland

Jadzia Jochevet FISZMAN was born on 1 Sep 1927 in Radom, Poland. She died on 5 Aug 1942 in Treblinka K/Z, Poland.
Jadzia resided in Rynek 4, Radom, Poland. She resided in Rynek 8 and 3 Blacharska Street, Radom, Poland.

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Courtesy Leonard Shaffer


my Father was born in Bodzentyn but moved to Radom around 1910 then back to Bodzentyn when his parents died (Lieb and Leah) he again moved back to Radom around 1916 and lived with relatives  My father David (Polish spelling Szafir) came to America in 1920.  Other than that little is known about his life in Radom.  One brother Albert stayed in Poland until the 1930's when he also came to the US.

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Courtesy of Jerry Wiesenberg

It appears that the WIZENBERG family, at least my grandfather and his brothers, lived in Radom at some point in their lives.   Where they came from originally can not be determined.  My grandfather married Feiga Himmel, who with her family, lived in Janow-Lubielski.  One of my grandfather's brother lived in Radom and married a Radom woman, before they immigrated to America in the early 1900's.


While my father was born in Janow-Lubielski, according to Polish records, his passport for some reason, was issued from Radom


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Courtesy of Miri Goldfarb-Shurkin


My father’s family came from Zwolin to Radom.  His father and mother then moved to Warsaw. My father’s name was Szulim Icek Goldfarb and his father was Mosziek Goldfarb.  His mother’s name was Mery Goldfarb from the Epstein family. His brother’s name was Alter and his sisters were Malka, Ester and Chana.  Only my father stayed alive after the war.



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Courtesy of Netta Frister Aaron

My father Bronislaw Seweryn Frysztajer was born in Radom 1926. When he was around six years old he sat down with his great grandmother Mirjam Alpert (1838-1941) . She told him that when she was a child her mother told the story about her (or her mother) being a child in Warsaw. One night they went out to the balcony and saw Napoleon and/or his soldiers returning from Moscow after the failure there 1812!


My fathers great grandmother Mirjam Alpert was 103 years old and the oldest person in Radom. She died – not from old age but from bad quality food –

In ghetto Radom 1941.


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Courtesy of Peter Lebensold

My maternal grandfather (Joszef Szafir) came from the Radom-Kazimierc area, but he must have left there in the 1910s or 1920s or so to move to Warsaw (leaving behind sisters Helen and Malka), and then passed away in the 1930s. He was, apparently, a lumber dealer.

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Courtesy of Sergio Friedheim

My grandmother, Malka Klajman emigrated in 1937 to Brazil. She came when she as 18 years old with her parents and brothers and sister to a city in the North of the country called Belem do Para - (in the middle of the Amazon !!) cause she had a few brothers living and working in that city at that time. Her last name was Wajchman. In Belem do Para she met her future husband, Szlama Klajman, also from Radom. They got married a few months after she arrived in the country. She used to tell me funny stories about her first impressions of Brazil, the climate, the tropical fruits that were very different and the language, Portuguese. They left Belem and moved to Sao Paulo some 8 years later. She also told me how difficult it was to buy Kosher food there...

She also used to tell me stories about her life in Radom...how she loved to walk in its streets and cafes, the cold weather, her trips to the countryside in summertime, the food,...

As per what you can infer, she emigrated to Brazil before WWII so fortunately she didn’t suffer the traumatic effects of the Shoa. Several relatives and friends either escaped to the USA and are now living in NYC or simply died in the death camps.

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Courtesy of Stewart Weitzman


My maternal family was Grafstein .  My Weitzman kin all came from Zwolen, which is about 20 miles east of Radom, while the Grafsteins apparently came from Radom or one of the small Jewish communities nearby



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Courtesy of Toni Platus

My great grandfather, David FEINTUCH/FAJNTUCH, was born in Radom about 1900.  All I  know about David is that he was a tailor and moved to Chrzanow where he married my great grandmother. They had 6 children. Only my grandmother and 2 of her sisters survived the Holocaust.


The only other thing I know is that his uncle or cousin (we are not sure of the exact relationship) Menachem Mendel FRAJMAN also went to Chrzanow and married the sister of my great grandmother.

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Courtesy of Gilda Zegman


Both my father-in-law, Menahem-Mendel Zegman and my mother-in-law, Tsinna-Kajla Melchior were born in Radom.  All my mother-in-law's family perished in Treblinka.  They lived at Rinik 4 Radom.  Her father was Mordecai-Gimpel Melchior and her mother was Baila-Miriam Milchgrob.  She had two sisters and two brothers. My father-in-law's three brothers survived and emigrated to America.  His father Yosel Zegman, died in 1938 in Radom.  His mother Ester Fogelman perished in Treblinka.

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Courtesy of Susan Weinberg


All family is from the city of Radom unless otherwise stated.  


My family history dates back to the mid 1700s in Radom with my 5th great grandfather Hersz.  Hersz was the father of Berko Rubinsztajn 1774-1839 who married Chaia Herszowicz.  Berko and Chaia had four children:

  • Josek/Zoska Rubinsztajn, my 3rd great-grandfather 1811-1881
  • Rochla Rubinsztajn 1805, in 1824 married Szmul Herskowicz Baumgarten  b. 1806 son of Herske & Hai Baumgarten
  • Bayla Rubinstajn 1806, in 1825 married Icek Werber 1799 son of Leybus and Fayga.  Bayla and Icek had a son in 1830 named Andzel.
  • Israel Rubinstajn 1811-1811


Josek Rubinsztajn married Laia Bekierman 1812-1904, daughter of David and Sura.  Josek was a flour miller, a business that was carried on by the Wajnbergs and Cukiers in later generations.

Josek and Laia had eight children:


  • Maryem Perel 1835
  • Mindla 1837
  • Malka 1840, married David Blacher and had a child Abram in 1879.
  • Hersz Berek 1842 (note: named after his paternal grandfather who died in 1839 and his paternal great-grandfather)
  • David 1845 married Cypra Ruchla Friedenman, daughter of Tobjasz Friedenman and Frajdla Icke and had 3 children , all of whom were born in Warsaw.
  • Icek 1872, Berek 1877, Sura b. 1884
  • Chaia 1848-1912 married in 1866 Moszek Joskiem Drezner 1841-1913, son of Abram Drezner and Chana Marja and had 8 children: Estera 1879, Malka.1881, Berek 1884, Golda 1889, David 1889, Glena Marja 1894,
  • Chaim -Dawid  1874, Szajndla  1869.

I believe Berek and David immigrated to the US based on immigration records. 


  • The children of Chaia Rubinsztajn and Moszek Joskiem Drezner had the following marriages and children:


    • Malka married Icek Lewinsztejn
    • Berek married Chaja Bina Drejzner and they had a child Abram in 1908
    • Golda married ? Goldberg
    • Glena Marja married Zelman Abramowicz and they had two children Chaja  1922 and Sura 1928
    • Chaim Dawid married Ita Frajdla Birencwajg and they had 10 children.
      • Abram Drezner 1894, married Estera Kornfeld and had a child Bela 1921
      • Chil Moszek 1895 married Sura Necha Wajcman and had a child Rebeka Rachela 1928
      • Dworja 1899 married Jacob Lejbus Grosfeld and had a child Mordechai Szymon
      • Rocha 1901-1942 Bochnia Ghetto, married Yosef Reinhold
      • Izrael Icek 1902-1942 Lvov Ghetto
      • Marjem Chena 1904 - 1904
      • Jakow 1909 d. ? survived the war, married Regina Freitman and had a son Moses Chaim who resides in Israel
      • Laja 1911, married ? Rottenberg
      • Jechiel  1895- 1941 Lvov Ghetto
      • Icchak  1906- 1942 Lvov Ghetto


  • Szajndla b. 1850 d. 1920 (my great-grandmother) married Meyer Wajnberg in 1871, son of Herszk Sima Wajnberg and Malka Rozenberg of Sienno  and had six children together


    • David Lejbus  1873- 1942 married Chana Ruchla Rozenberg and had the following children:   
      • Malka  1893-1894
      • Yosel  1895-1942  married Gena Ruchla Nejman and had the following c-children: Abram Jakob 1921, Szajndla 1923, Jechuda Meir 1928
      • Rivka Mindla 1898-1942 married Moshe Rapaport and had four children, Yosef  1925, Yehuda 1927-1942, Khava 1929-1942 and Yitzhak 1931-1942.  Only Yosef survived and moved to Israel where he married and raised his family.
      • Yisrael Moszek 1902 - 1942 
      • Abram Lejzor  1904
      • Jankiel/Jacob Chaskiel b. 1907,
      • Laja Feiga b. 1910 d. 1942,
      • Perla Genda/Pola b. 1916 d. 1942. 

Yad Vashem testimony also indicates sons Moshe and Yitzhak d. 1942


    • Sura Malka b. 1874


    • Chaya Fajga b. 1884


    • Yusel 1884?-1942 married Roza/Ryfa Wajntraub and had three children
      •  Moshe  1909 -1942 married Khana Tandetnik and had a child
      • Hanna 1914 - 1942,
      • Gabriel 1911
    • Bajla 1888-1942 married Schmul Cukier and had three children,
      • Meyer  1928,
      • Liebel 1916-1977 (went by name Meyer)
      • Sznda Sala. 

The oldest Liebel survived Auschwitz and took his younger brother’s name and age to immigrate to the US.  See family history page for interview.

    • Schiman 1891 (my grandfather) was the only one to immigrate to the US, perhaps because there wasn’t room in the family flour milling business for him as the youngest child. There he married Mary Raichel and had two children Philip and Helen.


  • Lejbus  1861-1921 married Drezla Cukier, daughter of Gerszek Cukier and Brandla Wajngarten and had 8 children together.  


    • Ruchla 1881
    • Josek Szulim 1882
    • Sura 1884
    • Chil Gersz 1887
    • David 1892
    • Joel 1893
    • Majlech 1898
    • Malka 1900


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 Courtesy of Andrew Johnson

The Wajgenszperg family can be traced back to Ita and Naftula Wajgenszperg.  Ita was the daughter of Icek and Brajndla Tajtelbaum in Zwolen in 1837. Its and Naftula had sons David Josek (b. 1868), Chaim Mosek (b.1870), Abram (b. 1877), Chil Majer (b.1880) and Judka (b1882) .  All of the sons were born in Radom. Abram Wajgenszperg married Chana Frydman (b. 1876 in Przytyk) , daughter of Szlama Frydman and Estera Gutman, and together they had the following children: Izaak (b.1898 Wierzbnik), Mendel (b. 1899 Przytyk), Chil (b. 1904 Radom), Icek (b. 1905 Konskowola), , Serka Brandla (b.1908 Radom), Chaim Uszer and David Majlich (b. 1911 Radom).

There were several branches of cousins from siblings of Abram (grandfather of submitter).  These included the children of David Josek and Chava Cirla Wajgenszperg (b. 1863 Szydlowiec): Golda Brandla (b1890 Konskowola), Icek (b. 1891 Szydlowiec), Bajla (b 1894 Radom), Naftula Hersz (b. 1896 Konskowola), Moszek Szjia (b. 1902 Koskowola), and Jankiel Uszer (b. 1906 Koskowola).

Chil Majer Wajgenszperg married Sura Etla Milchior (b. 1879 Lublin) and together they had the following children, all born in Radom: Naftula Mojsej (b. 1908), Bajla Lija (b. 1911) and Chava (b. 1917)

Judka Wajgenszperg married Chaja Sura Potaznik (b. 1888 Radom of Hersz Lejb Potaznik and Laja Wajsbort).  All of their children were born in Radom and included Chava Bajla (b. 1906), Naftula (b. 1908), Aron Nuta (b. 1910), Chil Josef (b. 1917) and Chaim Uszer (b. 1922).

Chil Wajgenszperg later changed his name to Henry Johnson upon joining the British 8th. Army in Persia and serving in North Africa, the D-Day Landings and the post war occupation in Germany. He emigrated after the war, first to England and then to Canada.

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Courtesy of Dov Solewicz


Dov's father was born in Radom and when he was less than one year old his parents fled to the Soviet Union when the Germans invaded.  His paternal grandfather's surname was Warm and his paternal grandmother's family was Zilbershlag.  His grandfather, Alter Zilbershlag, was a doctor who attended people in his clinic and at their homes.  The Warm family owned a transport company.  The Polish government took all the company trucks for the war effort against the Nazis, but his father managed to hide a small truck in a nearby forest.  This was how they escaped across the border.  His father died during the war and his mother remarried to a Jewish partisan from Poland.  His grandfather continued to be a doctor in a hospital in Israel.

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Anshen/Ayszay/Ajszaj, Glat, Cohen or Kohn, Wajnman, Beckerman, Leywal

Courtesy of Jeff Weinman


My family (both maternal and paternal) were from Radom. My maternal grandmother’s oldest brother, Nathan Anshen was the first to emigrate to Canada in 1926 and he was the main benefactor in building the Radom Congregation on Reiner Road in Toronto. Both my uncle Nathan Anshen and my grandfather Joseph Cohen served as President of the Congregation. The spelling of the Anshen name was actually Ayszay, sometimes spelled Ajszaj, in Poland. My grandmother Rose Cohen (nee Anshan) had 7 siblings (Nachun, Tauba, Meir Yechiel, Zlota, Moszek, Geital and Aaron) of which herself (Rose), Nathan (Nachun) and Morris (Moszek) emigrated to Canada and sister Toby (Tauba) to the U.S. The four other siblings and parents perished in the Holocaust. I believe my great-great grandfather (Mendel Ayszay) actually passed away just prior to the Nazi invasion of Poland in Sept 1939. I believe my great grandmother Dworja Ayszay’s maiden was Glat (ow).


My maternal grandfather Joseph Cohen(Kohn) had a number of brothers and sisters who included Moishe, Bronia, Rebecca, Frumet, Rocha and Abus. Joseph emigrated to Canada in 1927 and was joined by my grandmother Rose and their infant daughter, My mother Belle (Bajla) in 1928. The only family of my grandfather Joseph who survived the war was his sister Rocha who emigrated to Canada in 1946 from a Swedish displacement camp.


My family name Weinman was originally Wajnman.  My grandfather Joseph originally came to Canada in 1912, returned to Poland in 1924 for a few months and then returned to Canada again in 1924. My father's two sisters Annie (Hena) and Elsie (Elka) who were 16 yrs old and 15 years old respectively,  came to Canada via New York in 1925. The two sisters were held in Ellis Island for 3 days due to their age and being without an adult until it was proven that they would not become a ward of the state in Canada and were then allowed to travel to Canada. His oldest brother Albert came to Canada in 1926. My grandmother Hinda arrived in Canada with her two youngest children (my father Jack and his brother Reuben) after my grandfather also in 1926. My grandmother’s maiden name was Beckerman or Beckierman and great grandmother’s maiden name was Leywal.


Dworja and Mendel Ayszay maternal great grandparents

Their children were:

Aaron Ayszay (Ajszaj) - maternal great uncle (reportedly joined partisans, was discovered and killed)

Geitel Ayszay maternal great aunt died in Holocaust

Zlota Ayszay -maternal great aunt died in Holocaust

Nachum Ayszay (Nathan Anshen) maternal great uncle immigrated to Canada

Tauba Potashnick (nee Ayszay) maternal great aunt – immigrated to U.S.

Mosek Ayszay (Morris Anshan) maternal great uncle - immigrated to Canada

Meyer (Meir) Yechiel Ayszay – maternal great uncle) – escaped to Russia

Rose Cohen (nee Roche Ayszay) -grandmother (maternal) immigrated to Canada

Bajla/Belle Weinman (nee Cohen)  Mother immigrated to Canada



Mendel and Ita Kohn Maternal great grandparents

Their children were:

Abus Kohn – maternal great-uncle died in Holocaust

Bronia Kohn - maternal great-aunt died in Holocaust

Moishe Kohn-maternal great-uncle died in Holocaust

Frumet Kohn- maternal great-aunt died in Holocaust (may have also used name Bronia)

Rebecca Kohn- maternal great-aunt died in Holocaust (may have also used name Bronia)

Rose Frydman (nee Roche Kohn) maternal great aunt - immigrated to Canada in 1946, died in 1956

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