Jews of Siret (Sereth): Victims of the Holocaust

& People who Died in the Name of Martyrdom.

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(This page is presented by Marc Goldberger, in cooperation with the Organization of Former Siret Residents in Israel, who are preparing a new Yizkor book entitled Our Siret, A Story of a Jewish Shtetl.)

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Surname - Title Given Name Parents Name Notes
Abrahamowicz Erne Mechl  
Abrahamowicz Yakov Avraham Chayim  
Abrahamowicz Ryla Avraham  
Abrahamowicz Pesia Yakov  
Abrahamowicz Yakov  
Adler Eliahu Chayim  
Adler Yeti Chayim Zvi  
Adler Israel Yitzhak Eliahu  
Adler Yeti    
Alpern Dr. Mordechai    
Andermann Prof. Yitzhak    
Andermann Chaye    
Andermann Eric Chaye  
Aronowicz Yeshayhu   and family
Aronowicz Lize    
Aschkenazi Rabbi Moshe David Israel  
Aschkenazi Chaye Rachel Yakov  
Aschkenazi Yakov Israel  
Bendet Sheindl    
Bendet Yitzhak Yoel   and family
Benzer Yosef Yehuda Chayim  
Benzer Israel   and family
Ber Moshe Yitzhak  
Beral Joachim Metz Israel  
Beral Moshe    
Berger Yakov David Moshe Lipa  
Berger Moshe Lipa David  
Berger Zeev David  
Berger Roise David  
Berger Kehat Moshe Lipa  
Berger Israel Yakov  
Berger Yakov Israel  
Berger Klare Israel  
Berger Yosef Yakov  
Berger Reisel Alter Chayim  
Berger Yakov Yosef  
Berger Yehoshua   and wife
Berger Shmaya   and family
Berger Bilah   and daughter
Bernfeld Yakov    
Bernstein Benyamin   and wife
Biksenschpaner Mordechai Reuven Eliezer and family
Biksenschpaner Mordechai David and children
Biksenschpaner Leah Shmuel Zainvil  
Blumenfeld Meier Israel Eizik  
Brecher Chayim Yoel Yehuda  
Brecher Chawe Chayim Aba  
Brecher Isar David  
Brecher Roise Zainvil  
Brecher Kopel Isar  
Brecher Chayim Isar  
Brecher Malke Isar  
Brecher Mite Isar  
Brecher Sare Isar  
Breines Yosef   and family
Briger Zvi Yitzhak  
Bruder Rivke    
Buchbinder Yakov   and family
Burstein Simche Eliezer  
Burstein Zvi Simche  
Burstein Tania    
Burstein Etel Zvi  
Burstein Dov Simche  
Burstein (Mentzel) Dore    
Burstein Shalom Simche  
Burstein (Auerbuch) Pepi    
Cohen Dr. Zeev Kalman  
Cohen Eliezer Moshe  
Cohen Yitzhak Shimon  
Cohen Arieh Moshe  
Dankner Miriam Hinde    
Davidowicz Shmuel   and children
Dechner Benyamin Dov Mordechai  
Dechner Rachel Yeshayhu  
Dechner Chaye Benyamin Dov  
Dechner Yeshayhu Benyamin Dov  
Dicker Eliezer Kopel  
Dicker Etel Pinchas  
Donenfeld Moshe Baruch  
Donenfeld Leah Aharon  
Donenfeld Leah Moshe  
Donenfeld Sigmund Moshe  
Donenfeld Mordechai    
Donenfeld Shlomo Mordechai  
Drach Yosef Avraham  
Drach Dr. Mordechai Zvi Mechl  
Drach Yehuda Arieh Zvi  
Drach Pepi   and daughters
Drecksler Rachel    
Drecksler Bilah    
Dwal David   and family
Ebner Rivke    
Eidinger Dov Moshe  
Eidinger Sare    
Eidinger Zvi Sare  
Eidinger Adela Yonah  
Eidinger Martchel Dov  
Eidinger David Moshe  
Eidinger Rivke Zvi  
Eidinger Miriam David  
Eidinger Hilde    
Eisenberg David   and family
Eisenberg Avraham   and wife
Eizik Yoel Yakov Zeev  
Eizik Esther Rachel Yosef Zvi  
Eizik Mechl Yoel  
Eizik Yeti Mechl  
Eizik Hinde Gitl Shimon  
Eizik Tcherne Moshe  
Elner Chayim Shimon  
Elner Zeev   and family
Elts Burstein Sime Simche  
Enzer Chayim Avraham  
Enzer Sime Chayim Zvi  
Enzer Dr. Herman Chayim  
Enzer Eliezer Meier  
Fabian Etel Shlomo Chayim  
Faktor Perl   and family
Fechtinger Bilah Yosef  
Feder Arieh   and mother
Feder Arieh Moshe & Henye  
Feder Zirl Arieh & Sare  
Feierwerger Yitzhak David  
Feierwerger Rosa David  
Feierwerger Karla Yitzhak  
Feierwerger Mindel Feivish  
Feig Zvi   and family
Feiles Zvi   and family
Finkel Dr. Yakov Kopel   and brother
Finkenthal Melech   and family
Fischler Yeti    
Fischman Shmuel    
Fleischer Aharon Perez    
Fleischer Izidor Aharon Perez  
Fleischer Shmuel Eliahu  
Fleischer Eliezer   and wife
Fleischer Mali   and son
Fleischer Ysaschar   and family
Fleischer Chaye    
Fleischer Izidor Chaye  
Fleischer Perez    
Fleischer Leah    
Freier Dov Moshe  
Freier Pesach Moshe  
Freier Shlomo   and family
Freier Meier   and wife
Freier Zeev   and son
Frucht Markus   and wife
Fruner Etil Avraham  
Fuchs Brane    
Fuchs Israel Moshe    
Fuchs Dov   and family
Gaba Arieh Yakov Zeev  
Gaba Yeshayhu Yakov Zeev  
Gaba Yitzhak Zvi Yakov Zeev  
Gaba Shmuel   and wife
Gaba Roise   and sister
Gad Gudel   and wife
Gelber Avraham Eiber Yitzhak  
Gelber Fride Benyamin Arieh  
Gelber Chaye Meier  
Gelter Yerachmiel Mordechai  
Gelter Malke Yerachmiel  
Gelter Aba Mordechai  
Gerler Chayim   and family
Gitter Lonya Karl  
Gitter Zalik   and family
Gitter Kalman   and family
Gitter Aharon   and wife
Gleicher Eliahu   and family
Gleicher Mendel   and family
Gold Chayim   and family
Goldberger Moritz Mordko    
Goldberger (Tau) Sali Moishe  
Goldberger Jean Iuda Moritz Mordko & Sali  
Goldenberg Avraham Meshulam  
Goldenblum Hinde Zvi  
Goldenblum Yechiel Mechl Moshe  
Goldenblum Avraham Mordechai  
Goldenblum Chane   and children
Goldhamer Klare    
Goldhirsch Feivish   and wife
Goldschlaeger Herman Yosef  
Goldschlaeger Mendel   and wife
Goldschlaeger Yosef Itamar  
Goldschlaeger Zeev   and wife
Goldschmied Henye Moshe  
Gottesman Chayim Yonah Zvi  
Gottesman Dore Chayim  
Gotfried Yakov Mordechai   and family
Graf Moshe   and family
Greif David   and wife
Grauer Herman Yechezkel  
Grauer Oscar Herman  
Gredinger Frime    
Grinberg Chasia    
Grinberg Yosef Yitzhak  
Gropper Avraham Arieh Zvi  
Gropper Shmuel Zvi  
Gutman Chayim Dov  
Halbrecht Yitzhak   and family
Hartenstein Moshe   and family
Hartenstein Faivel   and family
Hecht Chayim   and family
Hefling Masya Israel  
Hehn Babale    
Hehn Perez    
Hehn Reisel    
Heier Mechl   and wife
Heisman Mendel Yehuda  
Heitner Yehoshua   and wife
Heitner Pesia   and daughter
Helfman Moshe   and son
Hellenberg Yitzhak Yosef  
Heller Israel Mordechai  
Heller Avraham Pinchas  
Heller Yitzhak   and family
Helzer Avraham Shlomo Benyamin  
Helzer Nekha Yakov  
Helzer Pesach   and children
Hendler Aharon Zvulun  
Hendler Akiva Aharon  
Hendler Yakov Aharon  
Henigsberg Israel Shlomo  
Henigsberg Menachem Mendel Shlomo  
Hilzenrat Gitl   and daughter
Hirschhorn Asher Israel  
Hochstat Shmuel   and family
Horn Avraham Sender  
Horowitz Fishel   and wife
Horowitz Dov Fishel  
Horowitz Yitzhak   and son
Horwatz Yitzhak   and family
Kafezider Yakov    
Kafezider Sare    
Kafezider Yitzhak    
Kafezider Ella    
Kafezider Fany Ziril    
Kafezider Moshe   and family
Kamil Izidor David  
Kamil Yitzhak David  
Kampelmacher Chayim   and family
Kaperlik Henye    
Kaswan Dvore    
Katz Israel Arieh Avraham and family
Katz Chane    
Katz Jeannette    
Katz Dov (Berl)    
Kezer Yoel   and wife
Kilman Chayim   and family
Kilman Israel   and family
Kimel Moshe   and wife
Klein Sare Blime Moshe  
Klein Arieh Shmuel  
Klein Zvi   and family
Klein (Wasserman) Miriam David  
Klein Yakov Yitzhak  
Klein Chayim   and family
Klein Eliahu   and family
Klein Shmuel    
Klein Rachel    
Klein Itamar Meier  
Klier Avraham   and wife
Kliffer Zvi Chayim  
Kliffer Yitzhak Zvi  
Kliffer Menachem Mendel Zvi  
Kliffer Shalom Zvi  
Kliffer Dr. Chayim   and family
Kliffer Chayim David  
Kliffer Rosa Nathan  
Klinger Daniel Feivish  
Knepper Zeev   and family
Koerner Fany Arieh  
Koerner Feige Gitl Israel  
Koifman Chayim   and wife
Koifman Zvi   and wife
Koifman Aharon Arieh Zvi  
Koifman Rachel    
Kossmann Meier Eliezer  
Kostiner Yehoshua    
Kraft Kurt    
Kraus Arieh   and wife
Kuemelmann Shmuel    
Kuemelmann (Klinger) Toive    
Kugler Elkana Moshe  
Kugler David   and family
Kupferschmidt Sare   and daughter
Kuzman Dr. David Shmuel  
Kuzman Tina Moshe Eliezer  
Landskruner Sare Dvore Nete  
Landskruner Yosef Yakov  
Landskruner Meshulam    
Landskruner Zvi Israel  
Last Max   and wife
Last Erica Eliahu  
Leder Moshe   and wife
Lehrer Mordechai   and family
Lekstein Meshulam    
Lekstein Roise Nathan  
Lenzer Hinde    
Lenzer Karl Zeide  
Lesner Chayim   and family
Liebermann Yitzhak Meier  
Loifman Chayim Perez Mordechai  
Loifman Shoshana (Reisel) Avraham  
Loifman Avraham Mendel Chayim Perez  
Loifman Chaye Roise Chayim Perez  
Loifman Chaye Nathan  
Locker Meier   and family
Lupu Yeshayhu Moshe Yosef  
Lupu Zirel Chayim  
Lutwak Yitzhak   and family
Mandel Leah    
Mandel Tine    
Margaliot Israel Nathan Nete  
Margaliot Shmalki Nathan Nete and family
Margaliot Brane Mordechai Zvi  
Margaliot Avraham   and family
Mechalowicz Zela    
Meidler Chayim Arieh  
Meidler Leah David  
Meidler Yakov Chayim  
Meidler Pesl Chayim  
Meit Kalman   and family
Meit Shifra Zvi Arieh  
Meit Malke Kalman  
Meit Mite Kalman  
Meit Machla Feivel  
Meit Chayim David  
Meit Gitl Catriel  
Meizles Shmuel Yakov  
Melzer Avner Shlomo  
Melzer Pesia    
Menes Yitzhak   and son
Menkes Dr. Zvi   and wife
Moerdler Avraham Yakov Moshe Aharon  
Moerdler Leah Yoel  
Moerdler Arieh Avraham Yakov  
Moerdler Israel   and family
Moerdler Yosef   and daughter
Moerdler Yakov   and wife
Moerdler Benyamin   and sisters
Offenberg Eliezer Lipa Moshe  
Offenberg Chane Roise Yosef  
Offenberg Chane Roise Mordechai  
Pauker Avraham Yakov  
Pauker Fredl Israel  
Peterer Yakov    
Peterer Rosa    
Peterer Mine Yakov  
Rachmuth Moshe   and family
Rachmuth Israel    
Rachmuth Feige    
Rappoport Shmuel   and wife
Reicher Noach Yosef  
Reicher Fany Benyamin  
Reicher Ephraim Yosef  
Reicher Zvi    
Reicher Leah    
Reicher Aharon Zvi  
Reifler Rasya   and children
Reiner Moshe   and son
Reiner Avraham Eliahu   and son
Reisfler Arieh   and family
Reisman Yakov Pinchas Moshe  
Reisenberg Sare   and son
Rieber Chane Yakov  
Ribner Yerucham Meier Eliahu  
Ribner Neti Mendel  
Ribner Mine Yerucham  
Ribner Esther Meier Eliahu  
Riczker Rachel Shimon  
Riczker Yitzhak Mordechai Zvi  
Riczker Shabtai Arieh   and family
Ritterschporn Dov Mendel  
Roter Shalom Eliezer  
Roth Yitzhak   and family
Rosenberg Arieh   and family
Rosenblatt Yitzhak Arieh Zeev  
Rosenhack Mordechai   and family
Rosenkranz Shmuel Yitzhak  
Rosenreich Ephraim Fishel Shalom  
Rosenreich Chawe David Zvi  
Rosenreich David Zvi Ephraim Fishel  
Rosenreich Henye Rosa    
Rosenreich Zipe Ephraim Fishel  
Rosenthal Avraham Mendel  
Rosenzweig Ing. Ernest Pinchas  
Rubin Rabbi Menachem Mendel    
Rubin Israel   and family
Rubinczik Eliezer Hilel  
Rudich Moshe   and family
Sabath Dr. Gottfried Nathan  
Sabath Dr. Ephraim Avraham  
Sabath Jannette Yakov  
Sabath Zuzi    
Sabath Fanzia    
Salzberger Chane Mendel  
Salzberger Dore Herman  
Salzberger Mordechai   and family
Sandhaus Frime Zirl Moshe Arieh  
Sandmann Yakov Eliezer  
Schacher Moshe Perez   and family
Schacher Rachel Minga    
Schachner Yitzhak Eliezer  
Schachner Yeti Arieh  
Schachner Golde Reise Yitzhak  
Schaechter Meier Zvi Aharon Arieh  
Schaechter Golde Menashe  
Schaechter Baruch    
Schaechter Moshe Yehuda   and family
Schaechter Zalman Simche  
Schaechter Malke    
Schaechter Rivke    
Schaeffer Leah Israel  
Schaeffer Chane Israel  
Schaeffer Zeev   and family
Schaeffer Zvi    
Schaeffer Gusta    
Schaeffer Eliahu Baruch  
Schaeffer Zvi   and family
Schaerf Pepi David Arieh  
Schaerman Yakov Mendel  
Schaerman Leah Yitzhak  
Schapira Shlomo   and family
Scherer Moshe   and wife
Scherer Aharon   and wife
Schlossberg Mechl   and wife
Schmelzer Zeev   and wife
Schmerler Avraham Eizik   and family
Schmid Yosef    
Schmid Fany Yitzhak  
Schnarch Meier   and son
Schnarch Aharon Meier  
Schneider Yosef Zvi  
Schneider Yeti Zvi  
Schpacht Rose   and daughter
Schperer Yitzhak Zeev    
Schperer Perl    
Schperer Dvore Yitzhak Zeev & Perl  
Schperer Bat Sheva Yitzhak Zeev & Perl  
Schperer Gitl Yitzhak Zeev & Perl  
Schperer Etil Yitzhak Zeev & Perl  
Schperling Nachman    
Schpindler Mordechai   and family
Schporn Yitzhak Shimon  
Schporn Gitl Ephraim Fishel  
Schporn Fride Yitzhak  
Schreiber Benyamin Dov Alexander Shlomo  
Schreiber (Levy) Reise Benyamin Dov  
Schreiber Akiva Alexander Shlomo  
Schreiber Shimon Alexander Shlomo and daughter
Schwarz Aharon    
Segal Esther    
Seldinger Shlomo   his mother and family
Serwasser Avraham   and family
Silberbusch Rokach Eliahu    
Singer Shimon   and family
Sonnenkeler David Nathan Nete  
Sonnenkeler Zvi   and family
Sonnenreich (Krach) Terne Max  
Spiegel Avraham   and family
Spiegel Zeev Shimon Avraham  
Spiegel Rachel Shmuel Mendel  
Spiegel Yerucham (Jean) Zeev  
Spiegel Yehuda Arieh Zeev  
Stein Moshe   and wife
Steinberg Gitl Baruch  
Steinger Regine Eliahu Pinchas  
Stemler Havadi    
Sterlin Zvi Mechl   and wife
Stettner Shlomo   and wife
Strumthal Shalom    
Stupp Shimon   and family
Stupp Shlomo   and family
Surkes Yitzhak Arieh  
Surkes Toni Yehuda  
Surkes Zosia    
Surkes Meier    
Surkes Yitzhak   and family
Surkes Pinchas   and family
Tamler Litman   and wife
Tamler Shmuel Eliahu Zvi  
Tirk Reisel   and children
Trachtenberg Feige    
Trachtenberg Dr. Nachman Feige  
Tuttenauer Yitzhak Chayim  
Tuttenauer Yeti Zeev  
Tuttenauer Dr. Yakov Yitzhak  
Tuttenauer Shlomo Yitzhak  
Unterfort Yeshayhu Israel  
Unterfort Mordechai   and family
Unterfort Yakov   and children
Wachstein Israel   and wife
Wagner Avraham Meier  
Wagner Yechezkel Avraham  
Wagner Chane Moshe  
Wagner Avraham Yechezkel  
Wagner Aharon Yechezkel  
Wagner Elze Yechezkel  
Wagner Tony Yechezkel  
Wagner Chayim Mordechai  
Wagner Dr. Vitos    
Wagner Frime    
Wagner Rika    
Wagner David   and wife
Walach Yosef   and family
Walach Zvi Eliahu  
Wasserman Chaye Meier  
Wasserman Henye Roise YoChanen  
Weininger Chayim   and wife
Weinisch Yosef   and wife
Weinisch Shimshon   and daughter
Weinreich Rivke Mechl  
Weinreich Yechezkel   and family
Weinstein Nachman   and wife
Weisbrot Yakov   and family
Weisbrot Eliezer   and wife
Weisman Dr. Meier Gersh  
Weisman Chane Baruch  
Weisman Chane    
Weisman Robert    
Weisman Blime Zvi  
Weisthal Tuvya    
Weisthal Tcherne    
Wender Reuven   and wife
Werfoler David   and wife
Weschler Moshe Eliezer David  
Weschler Yosef Moshe Eliezer  
Weschler Yehoshua Eliezer  
Weschler Mendel   and wife
Windisch Shmuel Yosef  
Windisch Shmuel   and family
Witman Yitzhak Zvi Yakov  
Witman Chane Yehuda Moshe  
Wolf Aharon   and sister
Wolfinger Shlomo   and wife
Wurmbrand Golde    
Wurmbrand Sare Golde  
Yakobi Sheindl    
Yoel Dov Zvi  
Zauderer Menachem Mendel    
Zloczower Sare    
Zuckermann Babzi    
Zuckermann Shmuel    

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