This is Hugo Gold's two volume history of the Jews in Bukovina with
many photographs:

Peter Elbau is not a genealogist but has collected a wealth of interesting
material about Bukovina, Czernowitz, and Jewish life in the area. An
eclectic and highly interesting site:

The JewishGen ShtetLinks site designed by Bruce Reisch, for Sadagora, Bukowina.

The official site of the Bukovina Jews. Areas devoted to history of Bukovina; Jewish history; travel; contemporary life; holocaust; and much more:
(In Hebrew, English section under construction)

Rumanian/German street name equivalents in Czernowitz:

Dizzy Web all about Czernowitz:

City of Chernivtsi Official Web Site

Bruce Reisch's speaking notes on Genealogical Research in Bukovina... Lots of history, great links, and information.

Shushana Hesed is the Jewish service organization in Czernowitz. To say they are doing amazing things would be an understatement. You'll just have to visit the English version of the site at:

This link deals with the intellectual, literary and cultural life of pre-WWII Czernowitz and surrounds.
It is entirely in German. Definitely worth a visit even if just for the links. In the website's owner's words:
"On my website I want to primarily point out new German-language based publications (whenever possible also English-, Ukrainian-, Russian- or Romanian-language based). It is also my aim to present and review those publications. An essential part of the website is also the reference to events
and symposia that deal with Czernowitz, with the Bukowina and with people who in the past or present spoke out about this cultural and historical area.

The Museum of Family History is a virtual, multimedia, and interactive creation that was designed for those of us who are interested in learning more about those who have graced the many branches of our family trees.

The Museum humbly attempts to honor the Jewish people and the Jewish family unit in particular.

Additional links of interest:

Gura Humorului Jewish Community

Jews of Romania

The Czernowitz-L Discussion Group

Institut für Judaistik - Links

Les Minorités ethniques en Bucovine du Sud (French)

The Massacres in Bessarabia, Bucovina and Dorohoi County

The Jews of the Bukowina on the eve of WW II

Ein Blick in die Vergangenheit - A glance into the past

The Killings in Transnistria