About US and how to JOIN and HELP  



   <>   We are a group of concerned landsmen/women from across the Globe, who believe in the importance of preserving the cultural heritage of our common past, for ourselves and, even more so, for future generations.


   <>      we endeavour to preserve:


             ---the physical vestiges, such as the Great  Temple and   the Cemetery?.



               ---the written word, by means of a Bibliography, a  compilation of titles, books, records and various  writings that cover and relate to Jewish  life in Bukowina over 300 years.



                   ruth enis, sylvie gsell, nomi weber, alex rath, eli   brender, shlomo steinmetz, baruch steinmetz, bondy stenzler, stefi meir,jack gabor, mina renner, hilde drexler, gisa rachmut, gaby Lichtenberg, paula heikin, micky berenice resch,irma dortheimer, nini peretz, alex wollach, noemi pascal, emil grabstein, felix schiffer, coby hering, davy schwind, alex finkel, herbert zwecker, noah wohl, shilo wohl dov wasserman, erka feiler,




                     and many more to follow...



*  We work closely with:


The World Organization  of Bukowina Jews, 12 Arnon str. Tel Aviv,Israel.



In the U.S. : " Bruce Reisch "< bir1@cornell.edu>


In Europe, : " Sylvie Gsell " <  gsell.sylvie@gmail.com >


In Canada, : " Mickey Rostoker" < mrostoker@hotmail.com >


In Central and South America, : " Ignacio Sternberg "    <ignaciocaracas@bellsouth.net >