From the jacket of   Memories of my life in a Polish Village 1930 - 1949

This jewel of a memoir - told in Toby Fluek's own moving and beautiful paintings and drawings and her equally moving text - is the story of a young Jewish girl growing up in a Polish farm village, from the peaceful early 1930s through the tragic war years, and finding safe harbor at last.

Scene by scene, person by person, Toby Fluek lovingly unfurls a unique view of Jewish life. She introduces us to her village, to her family, to the people among whom they lived, Jewish and Catholic; she shows us what they did, how they fared, how Jewish customs and holidays were observed - and, with both feeling and restraint, illustrates how this long enduring way of life was disrupted and shattered by World War II. She takes her family through Russian occupation, through the devastation wreaked by the Nazis and, finally, to a new beginning in America.


  The Author - Toby Fluek
Toby Knobel Fluek

About the Author

Toby Knobel Fluek was born in the village of Czernica, near Lvov, on the Russian Border, and lived there until she and her family were driven out by the Nazis in 1942 and forced into the nearby Brody ghetto. In 1949 she was married and emigrated with her husband to the United States. They now live in New York City.

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