Recommended Reading

Can Heaven Be Void?
by Baruch Milch

This is the autography of a physician who was born in Podhajce.  Baruch Milch's wife,
young son, and other family members were slain in the Holocaust.  The book, started
on scraps of paper while he was in hiding, represents his determination to leave a
testimony to the horrors of the time.


Life is With People: The Jewish Little-Town of Eastern Europe
by Mark Zborowski and Elizabeth Herzog

Much information on what life was like in a typical shtetl.


Of Human Agony
by Carl and Irene Horowitz

Alternating stories of two Holocaust survivors, one from Lviv and the other from Boryslaw.
Both tell in great detail what Jewish life was like in those communities before WW II.  This
is followed by a description of life under the Russians, and, finally, what transpires after
the Germans invade.


Together and Apart in Brzezany
by Simon Redlich

The "apart" part was a chasm that led to Poles and Ukranians slaughtering Jews when the
opportunity presented itself.


Shtetl Memoirs: Jewish Life in Galicia Under the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the
Reborn Poland, 1898-1939
by Joachim Schoenfeld

Interesting chapters on occupations, superstitions, and family life, etc.  The theme of terrible
anti-semitism and pogroms runs through-out the book.


Looking Back
by Yosef Eisenbuch

An account of life in Lviv.

The Righteous: The Unsung Heros of the Holocaust
by Martin Gilbert

Pages 59-61 describe the few gentile families who tried to save their Podhajce Jewish neighbours.