Plateliai, Lithuania


Plateliai, Lithuania

Plateliai [Lith], Plotel [Yid], Ploteli [Rus], Płotele [Pol], Platelyay, Platelyai, Platelių Russian: Плотели.

9 miles N of Plungė (Plungian), 17 miles WNW of Telšiai (Telz).

Jewish Population in 1900: 171


Ploteli, Telshi uyezd, Kovno gubernia, Russian Empire


Plateliai, Kretinga apskritis, Lithuania


Yahad interactive map of execution sites of Jewish Holocaust victims, Yahad-In Unum is a French organization conducting research on the Holocaust by bullets throughout Eastern Europe by interviewing eyewitnesses and identifying execution sites. Each village's profile includes video testimonies, archives and photos

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Jewish Community of Plateliai

Coordinates: 56°03' N, 21°49' E

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