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Here is a collection of links to online family trees of those with Jewish roots in Piotrkow. If you want to add your online family tree to this collection or list a resource which contains your family tree, please contact Marianna Hoszowska.
You can find many more family trees at JewishGen's The Family Tree of the Jewish People.
  • RUBINSZTEJN, ZIENTKOWICZ and LEJZEROWICZ-KOPEL families. Any additions or corrections will be welcome. We have also included some family photographs which we hope to expand on soon. Shaul and Aviva Ceder, avivac.geo@yahoo.com

  • ROTBAJN / ROTBEIN family of Piotrkow, descendants of HG"R Yitzchak Rotbajn. Surnames associated with this family are: Brumberg, Cukier, Dembowicz, Frenkel, Grynbaum, Gutman, Kohn, Kharif Klinger, Kozlowski, Kroskopf, Langnas (Langnos), Mejer, Postbrief, Praszkier, Urbach, Wajngarten, Wajnrajch, Windhajm, Zytner (Zytman), and many others. Shirley Rotbein Flaum, Seflaum@aol.com.

  • TALMAN family.

  • JOSKOWICZ / SZMULEWICZ family - family of Samuel (Szmuel) Joskowicz and Rivka Szmulewicz, whose children were Isaia, Esther and Sarah. They lived in Piotrkow at 72 Pilsudskiego St., near the railway. To learn more about the family, pleae contact Dr Ana Zimerman in Argentina - email: malkagina [at] gmail.com, tel. (0054) 11 4822 4965

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