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For recent info on Piotrkow, plase visit it's official website which will soon be available also in English under this addres: www.piotrkow.pl

You can also check the "post-war photos" section in the Gallery.

Today Piotrkow Trybunalski is the second biggest town in the Lodz Province (Polish: Wojewodztwo Lodzkie) and 47th in Poland, with about 78,500 inhabitants and acreage of 67 sq. km.
There is no Jewish community in today Piotrkow, but there are several Jews in the town.

Getting to Piotrkow

There is no international airport in Piotrkow. Closest ones are located in Lodz and Warszawa. It is easy to get to Piotrkow from both towns by train and car.
- by car from Warsaw: road no. 8/E67. It should take you about 1,5 to 2 hours - there is no highway.
- by car from Lodz: road no. 1/E75 which later changes into highway no. A1 - it's 50 km, and should take you up to 40 minutes .
- by train from Warsaw: there are direct trains from the Warszawa-Centralna train station. Depanding on the train it takes from 1h28mins (InterCity) to 1h45mins (regular train).
- by train from Lodz: there are direct trains to Piotrkow from the Lodz-Widzew and Lodz-Kaliska train stations. Journey takes 45-60 minutes.

After you get to Piotrkow there are several hotels and motels you can choose from (up to 3-star hotels).
To get to the Jewish cemetery you need to take bus line "0" and get out on the "Spacerowa-Partyzantów" or "Spacerowa-Rolnicza" bus-stops. Go to the "Cemeteries" section to learn more about the cemetery.