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Tenant registers are lists of permanent residents registered in a particular town, and are similar to census records.

Tenant registers for the town of Piotrkow Trybunalski for the years approximately 1872 to 1931 and 1939-1945 (including ghetto!) are housed in the Polish State Archives in Piotrkow. The best way to research tenant registers is by hiring a professional researcher to visit the archives in person or to ask the Archive to start a query for you, but it is probably more expensive and time consuming.
Below you'll find exact archival "addresses" of specific registers that will easier finding/ordering them in the archive.

Tenants registers from Piotrkow - archival details:

  • Tenants Registry (Polish: Spisy meldunkowe) 1939-1945: zespól "9 Akta miasta Piotrkowa", sygnatura 684b - 684t;
  • Books of permanent and temporary inhabitants (Polish: Ksiegi ludnosci stalej i niestalej) 1865-1930: zespól "9 Akta miasta Piotrkowa", sygnatura U1671 - U1736; 1-604; 2-358; - number of volumes: 698.
  • Census (Polish: Spis ludnosci) 1916: zespól "9 Akta miasta Piotrkowa", sygnatura 2424;
  • Registry of the real estate owners (Polish: wykaz wlascicieli nieruchomosci) 1915: zespól "9 Akta miasta Piotrkowa", sygnatura 2434;

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