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:: Synagogues and Houses of Prayers

  by Marianna Hoszowska and Elaine Farran

The Great Synagogue on Jerozolimska St.

The synagogue is located at 29 Jerozolimska St., in the eeastern part of the town which was previously known as "The Great Village" (Wielka Wies) or "The Jewish Town of Piotrkow" (Zydowskie Miasto Piotrkow).

The synagogue was built between 1791 and 1793. It was designed by David Friedlander and funded by Moses Kocyn. It was devastated by the Russians in 1854 and carefully renovated. Moorish decorations and women's galleries were added along the North and South walls. In 1868 the West fasade was rebuilt:, adding 5 meters in the front and two oriental towers.

During WWII it was devastated by the Nazis.

Before the war, the main hall included a wooden, very decorative Torah Ark (Aron Ha-Kodesh or Hekhal), with sculptures of lions on its both sides. The lions sculptures were fulll sized, standing on their back legs. They supported a gold Torah crown which was topped with an eagle with outspread wings. The Torah Ark was surrounded by sulptures of cherubs, floral ornaments with music instruments, and Hebrew inscriptions.

The walls were decorated with vivid paintings, depicting Zodiac signs, the Western Wall in Jerusalem, etc. They were painted by David Goldstein from Grocholice. Other paintings on the North, South and East walls were made by David Friedlander, probably in 1816.
The synagogue was reconstructed in 1964-1967 and since that time it's been used as a public library.
There is a plaque commemorating Jews of Piotrkow on the synagogue, unveiled in 1997.

Shaare Zion synagogue, known as the "Deutsche Shul"

Shtibel of the Gerer Chassidim on Zamurowa St.

The synagogue was established in the 19th century by the Ger Chassidim, followers of tzaddikim of the Alter dynasty. It was located in a private apartment of Naftul Frankel on the second floor of the house. It consisted of several rooms.

Shtibel of the Aleksander Chassidim on Stara-Warszawska St.

This shtibl was established in the 19th century by the followers of the tzaddikim from the Danziger dynasty. Next to the synagogal hall, a small yeshiva was located, called Beis Israel.

Shtibel of the Radomsk Chassidim

Shtibel of the Amshinov Chassidim

This synagogue of the Amshinov (Mszczonow) Chassidim was located in a tenant house at the corner of Stara-Warszawska and Parna streets. It was established in the change of the 19th and 20th century by the followers of the tzaddikim from the Kalisz dynasty.
It was devastated by the Nazis during WWII. Today its rooms are used for other purposes.

Many additional small houses of prayer