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:: Organizations and Institutions


Political Parties

  • Zionists
  • General Zionists: Al Hamishmar and Et Livnot factions
  • Socialist Zionists: Poale Zion Right and Poale Zion Left
  • Religious Zionists of Mizrahi
  • Revisionists of Jabotinsky and Revisionists of Grossman
  • several Zionist youth movements
  • Bund
  • Agudah
  • Communists

  • Linat Tzedek (shelter
  • Bikur Holim (visiting the sick)
  • Hachnasat Kalah (marrying the poor bride)
  • Chevrah Kadisha (burial society)
  • Hevrat Eruvim (ritual group)

  • ORT school (vocational training)
  • Yesod Torah (for Orthodox boys)
  • Bet Yaakov (for Orthodox girls)
  • Mizrahi school (Zionist orientation)
  • dozens of yeshivot, academies and shtiblech

  • Macabi sports club (formed by the Zionists after World War I); organized sports and a brass band
  • book clubs
  • choirs, bands (especially mandolins), in the tradition of the Zamir band, founded in Piotrkow in 1908
  • drama clubs and review (especially those by Hashomer Hatzair)
  • chess tournaments and live chess games in Dobroczynnosc Field