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:: Microfilms by LDS


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), also known as the Mormons, has microfilmed thousands of vital records from all over Poland, icluding those presented below for Piotrkow. They are kept in Salt Lake City, UT, USA, Family History Centers in Los Angeles and New York and Museum of Diaspora in Israel, but you can easily order them in your local Family History Centers (click here to find one closest to you) and view them on spot.
Documents are written in Polish and Russian, depanding on the period.

LDS Microfilm Number Years Records Types (Births, Marriages, Deaths)

On Permanent Loan
Los Angeles: LA
New York: NY
Beth Hatefutsoth: BH

715,786 1808-1810 BMD LA, BH
715,787 1810-1816 BMD LA, BH
715,788 1816-1821 BMD LA, BH
715,789 1821-1824 BMD LA, BH
715,790 1824-1830 BMD LA, BH
715,804 1831-1838 BMD LA, BH
715,805 1839-1846 BMD LA, BH
715,806 1847-1853 BMD LA, BH
715,807 1854-1858 BMD LA, BH
715,808 1858-1864 BMD LA, BH
768,023 1864-1869 BMD LA
1,191,757 1864-1873 BMD LA, BH
1,713,998 1856-1857 BMD LA, NY
1,713,999 1857-1865 BMD LA
1,714,000 1866-1872 BMD LA
1,713,982 1872-1880 BMD LA
1,713,983 1879-1883 BMD LA
1,713,984 1884-1888 BMD LA