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  • Irgun Yotzei Piotrkow
    c/o Netanel Yechieli
    Givat Hadagan, Efrat, 90435
    email: ny23456 [at] gmail.com


  • The Voice of Piotrkow Survivors
    c/o Ben Giladi
    135-30 82nd Ave.
    Kew Gardens, N.Y. 11435

  • This is a quarterly magazine whose readership comprises survivors, their children and grandchildren. To subscribe, write to the above address or send an email to: voicebentov@juno.com.

  • For a list of Piotrkower burial societies and cemeteries in the New York Metropolitan Area, search the database of the Jewish Genealogical Society, Inc.
Other Countries

Many additional Piotrkower Landsmanshaften are located in Canada (Montreal, Toronto), Sweden, France, England, Belgium, Argentina and Australia. For further information, contact Ben Giladi, editor of The Voice of Piotrkow Survivors.

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