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Cemeteries in Piorkow

    There were 2 Jewish cemeteries in Piotrkow:

    The Old Cemetery was founded in 1679. It was located at todays Wojska Polskiego Street. The last burial took place in 1792. The cemetery was closed because the authorities decided to build a new road (Wojska Polskiego Str.) and a hospital on the "unused" ground of it. Today there is no sign of this cemetery - it is a park behind the synagogues. It is commemorated by a plaque founded in 1997 by the descendents and survivors from Piotrkow.
    The New Cemetery was created between 1791 and 1792. It is located at 93 Spacerowa street. It's acreage is 13ha with about 3.000 matzevot. The eldest tombstone dates back to 1794. There is an ohel of the famous tzaddik Chaim David Bernhard (1758-1858) which was reconstructed after the WWII and mass-graves of the Holocaust victims with a monument commemorating victims of the Piotrkow ghetto.

    This cemetery is rounded by a brick wall with two gates.

    To get to the cemetery you need to take bus line "0" and get out on the "Spacerowa-Partyzantów" or "Spacerowa-Rolnicza" bus-stops. You can also walk there. It's about 1,5 km fom the Rynek Trybunalski - marked with B on the map - (Market Sq.). It should take you abour 20 minutes. Here is a map of Piotrkow with exact location of the cemetery ("Cmentarz zydowski") - marked with A on the map:

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