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The Jewish vital records for Piotrkow are kept in The State Archive in Piotrkow Trybunalski and in the State Archive in Lodz. Below you'll learn where to search for different documents and how to contact the archives. Remember that many of the Piotrkow documents were microfilmed by the Mormons and are available in your local Family History Centers. Go to LDS section to check which documents were microfilmed.
There are also many other resources that can be useful for family historians.

- Vital records for Piotrkow in the Polish State Archives
- Other resources for Piotrkow in the Polish State Archives
- Archives contact details

  Vital records for Piotrkow in the Polish State Archives

Data type Years Archive
Marriage addenda 1826-1855 Lodz State Archive
Marriages 1826-1873 Lodz State Archive
Marriages 1856-1907, 1938-1939, 1941-1942 Piotrkow State Archive
Births 1826-1873 Lodz State Archive
Births 1856-1906, 1938-1941 Piotrkow State Archive
Marriage banns 1826-1834 Lodz State Archive
Deaths 1826-1872 Lodz State Archive
Deaths 1856-1906, 1939, 1942 Piotrkow State Archive


Other resources: 

- Registry of Jews 1940-1943 - Piotrkow Archive
- Registry of the Jewish refugees from Germany in the Piotrkow district in 1938 - Poznan Archive
- Registry of voters to the Kehilla, years 1860-1873 - Piotrkow Archive
- Registry of the Jewish private teachers in Piotrkow, years 1820-1865 - Piotrkow Archive
- Tenants registry, years 1939-1945 - Piotrkow Archive
- Books of residents 1865-1930 - Piotrkow Archive
- Census from 1916 - Piotrkow Archive
- Registry of passports, years 1920-1939 and ID cards, 1924-1939 - Piotrkow Archive
- Various registers of factory owners, craftsmen, teachers, conscripts, voters, engineers and technicians - most of those in the Piotrkow Archive

For details regarding those records (akt numbers, sigatures etc.), please contact Marianna Hoszowska

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