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The Piotrkow Trybunalski ShtetLinks webpage was created and donated to JewishGen by Shirley Rotbein Flaum and maintained by her until April 2007. We thank Shirley for her past efforts.

It is hosted by ShtetLinks and - since December 1, 2008 - maintained by Marianna Hoszowska


Marla Waltman Daschko, Shirley Rotbein Flaum, Ben Giladi, Paul W. Ginsburg, Alice and Maurice Klinger, Leonard Markowitz and Petje Schröder.

The web author would like to express deep appreciation to Ben Giladi, editor of The Voice of Piotrkow Survivors for granting permissionto reproduce articles and photographs from this important source. It is a remarkable monument to the martyrs and survivors of the former Jewish community of Piotrkow.

This site is hosted at no charge by JewishGen, Inc. If you find this site of value, your JewishGen-erosity is greatly appreciated.

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