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P E S K I, B E L A R U S

Latitude, Longitude: 5321' N, 2438' E

Alternate names: Peski [Rus], Piaski [Pol], Piesk [Yid], Pieski [Bel], Pyesk, Pyaski

Russian: Пески. Belarusian: Пескі. Yiddish: פיעסק Hebrew: פיאסקי

Tarbut School of Peski 1935
Zifzif Group from Peski
Peski Bathhouse
To All Fellow Descendants of Pieskers:

After many years of family research, I have found myself compellingly drawn to the shtetl of Piesk. The people of Piesk were very courageous having to endure the trials and tribulations of everyday life. There were many late nights that I found myself in deep thought of what my ancestors had witnessed and imagining what it must have been like to live in Piesk during that period of time.

It is very important to me to develop this site with as much information as can be obtained about Piesk and the residents who lived there. I encourage and welcome any information, photos, documents, family stories, etc. that you would like to share. My goal is for us all to bring Piesk to life, so we will have a greater understanding about our ancestors' experiences. Please contact me with any suggestions you may have and assist me in this great memorial to a vanished shtetl that was once full of life.

Ira Levine

Geography and Life In Peski
List Of Jews in Peski
During the Late 1800s
1850 Grodno and
Volkovysk Uyezd Revision List
All Russia Business Directory
1897 Russian Census
For Grodno Gubernia
1912 Peski Voters List
1929 Polish Business
Directory - Peski
Jewish Religious
Personnel in Peski
Peski and The Holocaust
Peski Landsmanschaften
Synagogue Records
Peski All Passenger Records
Peski US Passport Applications
Peski Former Residents
Beth David Cemetery

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