Sam Kramer


Explanation by: Monty Kramer

"Uncle" = Solly Furman; at his right hand his wife Milly, carrying the given Torah scroll 

Sam and Monty Kramer (Mendelis Kremeris) were from Pakruojis. You can see a beautiful picture  of the Kramer family carrying Torah Scrolls of the Jewish community, standing in front of the Pakruojis synagogue.  Monty's uncle Solly Furman presented a Torah scroll to the Jewish community in 1927 when he and his wife and their daughter Cynthia visited their mother in Pakruojis. The Furman's already lived in South Africa. 

Sam Kramer, the doctor,  died, but his younger brother Monty, a pharmacist, is still alive and lives in Israel.

The Torah Scroll was taken by  the family Kramer  from Pakruojis to South Africa, when they emigrated to this country before the war. The same Sefer Torah was taken by  them  when they emigrated from South Africa to Israel. There the Sefer Torah was donated by the family Kramer to the IDF. ( the Israel Defence Forces).

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