The Rabbi

The rabbi is a scholarly person who has studied the Hebrew language, the Torah, the commentaries on the Torah and all kinds of other subjects concerning Judaism. He is the spiritual leader of his community and a guardian of Jewish traditions. He receives his education at the so-called yeshiva. At the end of the 18th century  after the death of the famous scholar the  Vilna Gaon (1797) whose ideas influenced Judaism all over the world, a lot of yeshivas were established in Lithuania. His real name was Elijahoe Shlomo ben Zalman Kramer.

On Sabbath (Saturday) the Jewish community of Pakruojis went to the synagogue (shul), where they attended the service, men downstairs and women upstairs. The service was led by the rabbi, some members of the community and by the chazan whose task was to sing during the service and in this manner to bring people closer to God. The language used during the service is Hebrew, which is the religious language. The spoken language used by the Jews was Yiddish. The religious marriages took place in the synagogue and the bar mitzvah (the occasion on which Jewish boys are, from a religious point of view, considered as adults and during which they are called to read a passage from the Torah).



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